Zentangle Student Resources

Online Student Resources for Exploring Zentangle®, compiled by www.tanglevermont.comWe routinely give our students a list full of lots of online resources and inspiration to help them on their tangling journeys.   We’ll be adding to this list as we have time…  your favorite links and suggestions, welcome!

Ideas to use with Zentangle  –  below is a pinterest board that Sadelle created, which gets updated alot, as there is just so much you can apply your designs to.   So if you’re looking to branch out beyond tiles, sketchbooks and journals..   follow this board!  (and p.s.  let us know if any links become broken!)

The ‘mothership’,  Zentangle website
philosophy, Apprentice kits and other products,  Subscribe to the blog, sign up for their newsletter.  Check out their newsletter, blog archives and YouTube channel too.
New tangle step-outs that are made available publicly usually show up in the blog, but sometimes in the newsletter first.

TanglePatterns.com…  LOTS of great resources and Tangles.  Explore the links on the top bar of the site and you’ll find lots more great ideas!

 The Diva’s Weekly Zentangle Challenges…   every Monday morning.  A great way to try new ideas, techniques, tangles, strings, themes, etc, with Zentangle

Zendala dare challenges, Erin Koetz Olsen
Here is where you can find the mandala templates that can be downloaded, also sign up for to receive her weekly challenge and explore her archives.  These are the templates we often show in class.. sized to fit both the square Zentangle tiles and the blank round tiles in the Zendala Kit.

Genevieve Crabe’s Weekly Round Up of tangles, articles and stencils for mandalas and more.

Sandy Bartholomew’s blog page for Zentangle: Sandy is the author of so many wonderful Zentangle books, as well as a continuing inspirational font of creativity.  Sandy’s blog for ‘Zentangle for Kidz:  Great blog to follow for kids into Zentangle!

Margeret Bremner : Talented CZT from Saskatchawan, her inventive tangles and bold style are inspiring.   She has also deconstructed or supercharged a number of tangles and taken them to a whole other level.  Her article on Rick’s Paradox is incredible!

Carole Ohl – a delightul CZT from Ohio who has created a number of delightful tangles,  some of our favorites!

Oh, and here’s the link to the plastic pages we use to store the square tiles,  available at The Crop Stop

Here’s a Pinterest board Sadelle created for Online Zentangle Resources… and check out/follow her other Zentangle inspired boards on Pinterest!