December Journaling Adventures – Part II

December 2015 Book with first two pages

Watercolor splotch trees

Watercolor splotch trees with the lady of the labyrinth

I have been having fun playing along with Kiala Givehand’s Journey Within December Mini-Course and Blog Hop!  There’s nothing like some art journaling to get your creative juices flowing again (and of course, Zentangle!).   With two challenge pages under my belt, I’m hooked now, and I can’t wait to give you all AND Kiala the challenge/prompt for December 17!

Just when I thought I’d take a break for a couple of days,  Tiare Smith posted her Watercolor Splotch Challenge .  While I haven’t yet taken Tiare’s class, I thought I’d take a stab anyway, coz  I LOVE watercolor!   And it seemed a good excuse to sneak in some very subtle tangling as well, so here’s my very quickly and loosely done ‘flowery forest’.  I added in some loose bits of the Diva Dance tangle for the tree trunks and some Msst.  I still felt it needed something else.  Bring in my tiny lady of the labyrinth!


I'm teaching in The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals with Kiala GivehandAre you looking for a year-long FUN way to art journal  all year long?
AND also make 12-13 of your own journals over the next year?  Then sign on up for the Journey Within 2016 online course with prompts and techniques from over 19 artists (including me!) HERE!

And  don’t forget to check MY Dec 17 blog hop prompt right here!  And there will be some GIVEAWAYS, so subscribe to the blog or the Facebook page!

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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December Journaling Adventures 2015 – Part 1

TJW December Mini CourseI’ve just started to follow along the December mini-course and blog hop for The Journey Within, a year long hand-made art journal online class with Kiala Givehand and 18 guest artists.   It’s a great way to warm up for the prompt I’ll be contributing right here on December 17, as well as my video/s and techniques I’ll be contributing for part of the July 2016 portion.

TJW Dec 2015 book structureHere’s my empty book I created for the December Mini-Course.
The mini-course is actually available to purchase right now, however if you sign up for the 2016 course, you get it for free!   I thought Kiala’s instructions via video AND print were done really really well.  Easy to follow, and she went over steps as she created the book. It’s the perfect journal structure for a month of prompts or if you’re following the blog hop!

Of course, I couldn’t leave it blank for too long, even if I haven’t had much time this week.  I decided to work on the first two blog hop prompts to start my journal.

Dec 1 2015 blog hop challenge              Dec 2 2015 blog hop challenge from Cindy Gilstrap

On the left is my attempt at Mimi Bondi‘s challenge.  I really enjoyed playing with the layers, stencils, and different paints as well as adding in vertical elements as interest. Her colors are really vibrant, but I had fun making this pop and following her video but with my own supply of paints and inks.

Finished Dec 2 handmade paper collage w paints, pen

Finished page, with pen, writing, highlights and a touch of tangling

On the right above was my in-progress look at my take on Cindy Gilstrap‘s challenge from Dec 2.   After viewing her video, I chose to concentrate on using some special bits of handmade paper I had laying around.  The center piece, corner pieces and bottom blades were from a gossamer thin piece of light green paper with lots of threads and inclusions that I first spritzed well with a red color spray which was then cut into various shapes.

These were glued down onto a background that was painted with scrapes of blue and yellow acrylic paint, some other handmade paper bits, and thin layer of gesso on top to tone it down.  I still intended to add the word “journey” somewhere on this piece, then add some extra colors and tease out some parts of the design with some ink work or even Zentangle. I’ll bet you all were wondering WHEN I was going to start adding in some tangles, eh?  Well just a touch… 

I loved playing with the handmade papers ripped into pieces, and collaged in place.  In the end it reminded me of a very hot cup of coffee from somewhere in the tropics, so I added my “journey” phrase :  “the journey begins with a good cup of COFFEE!” and tangled some of the edges with a gold gel pen (I’m a bit addicted to gold!).

December 2015 Book with first two pages

December 2015 Book with first two pages

I’m looking forward to doing a few more of the blog hop challenges as I can!

If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity with art journalling and also to make 12-13 of your own journals over the next year, you can sign up for the Journey Within 2016 year of handmade art journal  course with prompts and techniques from over 19 artists HERE!

And keep your eyes out for MY Dec 17 blog hop prompt!  And there will be some giveaways, so subscribe the blog or the Facebook page!

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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A time for celebration, creativity, reflection and renewal

layered mixed media art journal exampleDecember used to be one of those months I dreaded,  the return of the cold, the least amount of light of the year, and the crazy commercialization of the season.   But ART and sharing art has really changed that perspective for me.  Staying centered and creative during this time really was key.  I use my art, especially at this time of year, for reflection and the end of the year has me thinking of renewal,  that making anew, which gets reflected back in my journaling and art.   When the darkness is getting me down, the colors and light and reflections from words and art bring me back out.
How are YOU staying creative?  What keeps you calm during this time of year? How are you practicing reflective work?  What helps you celebrate? 

For celebration I’m looking forward to making all of our holiday gifts in the next couple of weeks, including some fun DIY up-cycled projects.  We’ll share some of those next month!  I’m really looking forward to the family fun and creativity we share in the kitchen during the holidays, and our festivities on Dec 24th – being the family of cooks that we are. And I’m also looking forward to more reflective and introspective time, and will be leading some labyrinth walks locally, and going forward through the winter.

labyrinth-journal-with-journalsI also LOVE to make books, especially from flotsam and jetsam around the house, and more importantly, to JOURNAL in them,  especially visual, or art journaling!  For me this is an activity that inspires time and space for creativity and reflection.  This month and going into next year will involve alot of art journaling including personal work, teaching locally and online!

I'm teaching in The 2016 Journey Within

The 2016 Journey Within – A year of Handmade Art Journals, hosted by Kiala Givehand

And now for some news…
I’m jumping-through-the-roof excited to announce that I’m participating in a special online workshop starting today and running through 2016!   If you’re not yet familiar with Kiala Givehand, you will be soon:   she’s a talented art journaler, book maker and writer as well as a very clever creativity coach.  And for 2016 she’s offering a fantastical year-long online journaling and journal-making course, inspired by her previous Book-in-a-Day work called “The Journey Within: A Year of Handmade Art Journals, and this time she’s invited 18 guest artists to share their art journaling process and techniques in the course….  including me!   I’ll also be sharing a journaling prompt for the Journey Within Blog Hop on December 17th, so stay tuned for that too!

The Journey Within 2016, a year of handmade journals and art journalingDO check out the course – I’ll let you read Kiala’s description.  If you love art journaling or want to have a fun journal-making and visual-journaling for the year, what she’s got in store is really compelling!   Join us for a fun year of journaling, challenges, bookmaking, videos and community HERE.  I can’t wait!
What a great way to celebrate, be creative, reflect and renew!

shading and highlights with colorFor the new year, Ann and I (plus a special guest) have got a series of great workshops coming up in southern VT:

  • A DIY Finger Labyrinth workshop in January,
  • I’ll be leading Monthly Labyrinth Walks in Bellows Falls (VT), and hopefully also Putney,
  • Zentangle, of course….
  • An all-day Art Journaling with Spirit workshop,
  • And a Labyrinth Art and Soul Retreat for spring!
  • Pop up Tangle Clinics…
  • More workshops coming in spring and summer, maybe near you?
    Subscribe to our newsletter to keep posted on changes and tangle clinics!

Check out the schedule – we’d love to see you!

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT





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Return from the Land of the Labyrinth

Processional labyrinth in the grass at Waycross Conference Center

Processional labyrinth in the grass at Waycross Conference Center, Morgantown, Indiana

It’s been a busy summer and fall here in southern VT.  Lots of writing was done, labyrinth walking.   Web work, planning for both Zentangle workshops and labyrinth walks, medical appts, as well as spiritual development work I’ve embarked on have kept me busy.  At some point I’ll talk about the latter, as its become very important in how I see my role in the world to bring art to people in a healing manner.  I’ve had some spiritual support from my local Friends meeting, which has been deeply helpful to me and have been discerning how else I want to bring art and the labyrinth out in wider community.

Welcome to Indianapolis

In October I flew out to Indianapolis and then drove to a rural forested area about an hour south to attend and present at the 17th Annual Gathering of The Labyrinth Society.   It was lovely to be in a space with serious labyrinth lovers.  I felt like I’d found one of my missing tribes!

I met so many fantastic people and got to hear many personal labyrinth stories. I attended some fascinating presentations,  and presented a Zentangle workshop specifically tailored for labyrinth lovers.  I was delighted when over 30 folks showed up at my session (I really didn’t know what to expect!)  and the technology gods were kind to me to boot.   A wonderful labyrinth fairy left a taped down processional labyrinth on the floor of my presentation room and I worked it into the workshop, ending with a lovely walk to view a Zentangle gallery on the labyrinth!

I also got to hang out with a few wonderful artists at the gathering on Saturday night as well as make my own personal canvas labyrinth (which my dog has kindly co-opted).  So so so many stories to tell, one little blog post just won’t do, so you’ll have to find me and ask me more.   I feel blessed!

Midnight at the Creation Station with new friends!

Midnight at the Creation Station with new friends!

Rani on the personal labyrinth

Rani on the personal labyrinth

I came home refreshed, renewed, with lots of work ahead of me as well as some wonderful discoveries.  I’m hoping to go on a pilgrimage abroad next summer if I can raise the funds, so am discerning best ways to go forward with those plans.   I love the places of the spirit this adventure has taken me on.  The labyrinth has offered me an opportunity to do deep, reflective work as well as inspired my art and teaching.   As of last week I finished my work for my Veriditas certification, my reflective paper and gathered all of the other bits and pieces needed to send in, and hooray, that’s done!    Now for the reflective work of winter…

Two handmade Finger Labyrinths sit on top of a crafted ceramic finger labyrinth Gel ink on black canvas frame, 11 circuit Chartres labyrinth by Sadelle Wiltshire 2015

What are YOU doing this winter?
Art?  Writing?  Movement?  Reflection?

I’ve finally planned an Art & Spirit  art journaling workshop for March 19,  a full day of visual journaling techniques with a focus on incorporating images and reflections from our inner voice or Spirit.

Labyrinth Art & Soul retreat with labyrinth walks, reflective journaling, labyrinth drawing and finger-labyrinth-making is in the works this coming spring,  in collaboration with my fellow Veriditas facilitator, Debbie Yaffee, also a skilled Tai Chi teacher who will help us get up and move those weary bones in between art making and reflective walking!  The dates have been set for April 22-24  Friday evening – Sunday afternoon at the Immanuel Retreat Center, 12 Church St, Bellows Falls, VT –  a short drive from Western MA, and across the river from NH.  For sign up info, see  More details will be posted soon, to be notified sign up for the mailing list.

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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Worldwide Labyrinth Day and Tangled Labyrinth Challenge

illuminated-brain-labyrinth-c-webFunny how synchronicity works…

I’ve been on this labyrinth journey for the past couple of years, from drawing them, to walking them, to teaching,
to art journaling,  to doing a short blog interview,
to making snow labyrinths in my former and new backyard, to becoming a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator in November 2014, (with the wonderful Rev. Lauren Artress)  and this year working on leading/facilitating group walks to earn my certification.

Well, and that’s on top of the labyrinthine journey my life has taken me on too,  with personal health issues and moving to a new house and prepping to teach at a weaving conference in Michigan this June, and later this year, in October, presenting a Zentangle session at The Labyrinth Society’s Annual Gathering, this year in Indiana.
Whew!  (are you tired yet?  I am!    Obviously time to walk another labyrinth…..)

(The labyrinths above were tangled onto my Art Swarm 2014 apron using Micron pens, Molotow white acrylic marker, Inktense pencils and a water brush.)

World Wide Labyrinth Day 2015I’ve been busy this week with work and preparing to facilitate a walk locally for Worldwide Labyrinth Day this coming Saturday, May 2, where people all over the world will be “walking as ONE at 1” to spread blessings and energy for global healing and peace.   I’ve walked 3 different labyrinths since last Friday even!    And I’ve had little time for tangling with the post move preparations, but happened to catch a glimpse that The Diva had posted a tangle challenge this week on ……… Labyrinths!

Putney School labyrinthNo time to do more tangling this week, but I’ve been meaning to show some of my more recent journaled and tangled labyrinths, some of which I’ve done as I’ve been (SLOWLY) working on a project that is morphing into an Art of the Labyrinth book.   Life takes time, and I have been reminded about slowing down and enjoying the journey, with it’s meandering twists and turns, and paying attention to putting one foot in front of another.  So it goes with the book project as well.    🙂
One stroke at a time, one step at a time.

5-circuit Roman Labyrinth, acrylic paint, Sadelle Wiltshire, CZTSo go walk a labyrinth this Saturday, at 1pm or whenever, and send healing energy and blessings to the people in Nepal and Baltimore.

DIY Finger LabyrinthAnd if you’re in the southern VT area on June 14, I’ll be facilitating a Labyrinth walk and finger labyrinth making workshop in Saxton’s River.  Come join us!

(For more information on both Zentangle workshops and Labyrinth Walks I’m leading, check the websites.)

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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Creating New Zendala / Mandala Strings from Coloring Pages

Make Unique Mandala Templates From just ONE Coloring pageAre you looking for new ways to make mandala templates? Tonight’s Zentangle mandala experiment was prompted by all of the wonderful complex mandalas for coloring that I’ve been finding on Pinterest.  It occurred to me that it would be fun to try and deconstruct some to simplify for using as a Zentangle mandala string and offer up a quick tutorial.

This process is remarkably similar to working with a paper snowflake mandalas, in that you get to remove or add lines as you see fit to make unique, new mandala frameworks and strings, with endless possibilities.   It also makes use of the traced graphite technique to transfer an image from one piece of paper to another.

Love this? RePin it!

So step by step, here’s what I did…

start with a mandala coloring image

Start with a mandala coloring picture. This one feels a bit too complicated to use as a Zentangle mandala string so I will trace it and then simplify it a bit,  perhaps changing some elements altogether….

Next overlay a sheet of paper and trace the mandala with a pencil:
Tutorial to alter a coloring page mandala by overlaying a sheet of paper and traced the mandala with a pencil

Here I started to erase some lines and modify others.  My goal with this mandala was to simplify it enough to make more room for adding tangles.  If you were doing this to just create a new mandala design that you might color and not tangle, then you might actually add new lines:
Time to erase some of the lines

I ended up with this as my first pass.  You’ll see here that I erased quite a few lines:
Modified tracing

Then I traced over the modified tracing a couple more times and made different modifications, such as changing the little arcs to full circles.  I ended up with these three different templates. I could have easily made so many more variations, but I needed sleep (and to get back to packing!):
3 different modified tracings

I chose one of the tracings, darkened the pencil lines some more to build up the graphite and then flipped the paper over – pencil side down and taped it onto my journal page with painters tape.
Tracing taped into journal

Using a ball point pen, I traced over the lines from the back with pressure to transfer the graphite onto the page:
Using a ball point pen, I traced over the lines with pressure to transfer the graphite onto the page

The transferred tracing revealed a mirror image of the mandala framework.  I then filled in line connections that didn’t transfer well.:
The transferred tracing revealed
Here’s the finished mandala, tangled in my taupe colored journal page, with black and brown Micron pens, pencil shading and white gel pen touches for highlights:
Finished mandala tangled in taupe colored journal page, with black and brown Micron pens, pencil shading and white gel pen touches for highlights, (c)2015, Sadelle Wiltshire, CZTCloseup of Zendala from modified coloring mandala design, (c) 2015, Sadelle Wiltshire,

St. Patty’s Day update  3/17/15: Last week on the 100Mandalas project we were given a Celtic knot work mandala prompt.  I thought I would use this same template to create a knot work mandala –  I will do another one with a tutorial in coming weeks, but for now wanted to show you what else can be done with this technique.  I further simplified one of Celtic Zentangle-inspired mandala created using a modified template and then interlaced, © 2015, by Sadelle Wiltshirethe mandala strings I created, then I made sure no more than two lines crossed at any one point and proceeded to turn this into a very simple interwoven knot piece. (ala the knotwork method Patrick Gallagher shows here).   Can you see the similarity in basic shapes between this one and the mandala above?

The colors in my phot0 are a bit off and the metallic penwork doesn’t show very well, but here it is…


With the thousands of available, complex mandala coloring templates you can find online, you won’t run out of new ideas for zendala strings ever! Below is a link to my Pinterest board where I’ve collected a few..   A good jumping off point. Follow the board as I will be adding more!


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100 Mandalas and Moving…

I’m really delighted to be part of this month’s labyrinth mandala prompts at 100 Mandalas, thank you, Kathryn, for inviting me to participate! I’ve also signed up to go to what promises to be a lovely retreat and mandala workshop that Kathryn is teaching at in NH at the end of this month…

It’s been a long winter, trying to get ready for moving house locally,  plus lots of trips to Boston for appointments and way WAY too much snow and cold here in New England.  The snowy season I encountered at the labyrinth facilitator training in Cleveland in November was a bit of a preview of the winter we were to get here in the east!

It was probably December 2014 when I first came across Kathryn Costa’s 100 Mandalas blog series and online mandala prompts.   I love mandalas, and have been really enjoying following her blog posts and all of the lovely mandalas others following along have been producing.  I wish I had the time to actually make more of them, but occasionally they sneak out with all my busyness.   I was really pleased when in January, Kathryn and Megan, her 100 Mandalas cohort, decided to followLove this?  RePin it! along with Suzanne Fincher’s The Mandala Workbook, which I just so happened to have sitting on my shelf, waiting to be cracked open!

I had been concentrating my mandala work mostly on finishing up my Tangled Labyrinth journal as part of a book project I’ve been working on,  plus prepping for a Zentangle and Gelli Print workshop I hosted in January with Daniela Mellen,  and so those have primarily been the mandalas I’ve created this winter.     I’m posting here a smattering of my recent pieces.







I’m looking forward to being finished with this move and I will do a series of labyrinth posts here, starting with reflections on my time in Cleveland at Trinity Cathedral with the labyrinth training. And I especially look forward to hosting a number of labyrinth walks and visual journaling workshops here in New England once spring arrives!

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Mandalas in Winter

It had been a while since I had created some mandalas – they tend to be pieces I like to focus more time on, and more precious time than I usually have these days.   But in getting ready for both the Gelli Print/Zentangle workshop earlier this month as well as starting a 3 part Zentangle Mandala class series in Brattleboro,  I knew I needed to create some new pieces.

The challenge for me, when doing mandalas, is that I really prefer to work in larger sizes, but this month I restricted myself to something smaller than an 8 1/2 x 11″ paper.  I had a few smaller gelatin print pieces that I hauled out to play with as well as some blank coasters.

This time I decided to make a simple, hand-drawn mandala string and make the center point intentionally OFF-center and trying to keep the tangling fairly simple to let the shape speak more.

The following two mandalas were done on gelatin prints made on smooth writing tablet paper with Golden Open acrylics. These paints are much easier to tangle on, the paint is somewhat transparent and smooth, and doesn’t gum up the pens as much as regular heavy bodied acrylic paint. None the less, to preserve my Micron pens, I chose to do these with a Bic Intensity pen (very similiar porous tip to the Microns).   I also used the Pilot V Razor Point Extra Fine Point pens with equal success.

Kirigami is a cut paper art and perfect for making snowflake mandalas. I have an old Kirigami Fold & Cut-A-Day Calendar from 2012 that I am still very slowly making my way through.. it has a different example to fold and cut, and some of them are meant to fit together. The mandala above was made by tracing two of the cut pieces of Kirigami and then connecting some pencil lines while erasing others. This makes for an infinite array of mandala strings just from one (or two, in this case) paper snowflakes.  Below are some of the pieces I used recently:

The next piece below was also done on one of the smooth gelatin prints, but this time I used a paper snowflake I cut by hand, that ended up as a square-ish shape.  This mandala wanted to be square!

The mandala below was laid out by hand, with no measuring implements, on a page that was brayered with heavier acrylic paints, using a Uni-Ball Signo Broad white gel pen – a wonderful white pen for working on heavy layered surfaces.

I’ve also been staying inspired to keep creating mandalas and break out of the box of just using Zentangle to do them, thanks to a wonderful 100 Mandalas Challenge being led over a series of ongoing blog posts on Kathyrn Costa’s blog… if you are feeling like you might want to go deeper into exploring mandalas, you might want to jump on over there and explore. This year Kathryn and her mandala project partner, Megan Warren are also using Suzanne Fincher’s book on Mandalas, The Mandala Workbook: A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being, as a prompt. I was pleased to find I already had this book in my library! And the latest prompt in the 100 Mandala series was to create a digital mandala from a photograph… I used the photo below on the right, which I took in the woods earlier this year, to create my digital mandala on the left below.   On the 100 Mandalas post for this week, an interview with mandala artist Sue O’Kieffe,  there is a link to the photoshop tutorial I used.

Love this? RePin it!

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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Winter Color & Comfort: Gelli Prints, Zentangle, Chili and Chocolate!

#Gelli Printing & #Zentangle Day long %22Playshop%22 with Chili and Chocolate…  JAN 17, 2015, Putney, VT Register Soon before it fills up!  www.tanglevermont.comComfort food and Color Gelli Plate printing and Zentangle "Playshop" in Putney, VT January 17, 2015

Getting tired of the snow and cold?  The grey, dreary days?  Post holiday blues got you down?    Imagine a day filled with color, cocoa, no-holds-barred make a mess art making and friends?

That’s what we’ll be doing ALL DAY, Sat., January 17th in the lovely light filled and warm Putney Cares Barn,  54 Kimball Hill Rd,  Putney, VT.

Comfort and Color Gelli Print and Zentangle Winter playshopColor and Comfort – A Gelli Printing & Zentangle PlayDay:

Comfort Food, Chocolate & Color!
9am to 3pm
A FULL DAY workshop, lunch included!

Morning: You will learn to make monotype prints that POP with color using the “Gelli Plate”  with the talented Daniela Mellen from NH!
ALL materials included!!

Gelli Print Monotype by Daniela Mellen   Gelli Prints by Daniela Mellen  Gelli Prints by Daniela Mellen
These are just some of the amazing Prints  you can make using simple tools, stamps, stencils, your fingers, household objects, a Gelli Plate and simple acrylic paint!  No art skills needed…  just a yearning to get out of the house and HAVE FUN!

Tangled gelatin plate printed book page, by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

Tangled gelatin plate printed book page

Lunch: is on us!  We’ll have homemade meat and vegetarian chili in the crockpots, cocoa and chocolates to keep those tummies warm and ready for more art!

Heart Labyrinth on Gelli plate monotype print by Sadelle Wiltshire Gelli Plate Print with Zentangle embellishments via colored pens by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT


Doily mandala - tangled gelli print  Doily mandala - tangled gelli print
white pen mandala on brayer cleaning page

white pen mandala on brayer cleaning page

Ganesh woodcut stamped images on gelli prints, with tangles.

Gelli Plate®Afternoon: Sadelle will help you take those beautiful monotype gelatin prints and learn techniques for finding strings with your prints and adding Zentangle for fun effects, with shading and highlighting tips and tricks!
Cost for the entire day is ONLY $70!

Space is limited, so Register NOW via the PayPal link BELOW or contact us to send a check..

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Holiday Ornaments – Zentangle style!

Tangled paper gem ornament with colored pencil, Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

Tangled paper gem ornament with colored pencil, Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

I’ve  been busy doing prep, making posters and displays, for our new teaching venue at The Shiatsu School of VT in Brattleboro.   We’ll be offering Sunday afternoon classes there a number of times this winter, and we’ve added another Paper Ornament class to the mix on Sunday December 14!    Yes, this is the day after the Gelli Print Ornament class in NH.
**There is still room to sign up for either workshop!**

This week I made a few more ornaments in prep for our demo at Gallery Walk on Friday evening Dec 4.   I’m especially drawn to the simple geometric paper ornaments for doing Zentangle on.  They’re easy to put together, make beautiful ornaments whether colored or left black and white, plus…  they don’t break (always a good thing when you have cats and holiday trees!).

Here are a few of this week’s ornaments:

We are also going to be doing Zentangle demos at the River Garden’s Brown Bag Lunch series next Monday, December 8 from noon to 1pm.   Come stop by!   And register on the spot for our upcoming classes and we’ll even give you an extra discount!

Zentangle Ornaments Workshop Sunday Dec 14 at Shiatsu School of VT


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