Paper Jewelry and Knotwork

New watercolor jewelry pieces @2016 Sadelle Wiltshire

new samples

I’ve been preparing to teach a set of Tangled and Watercolor Paper Jewelry workshops locally in the next few weeks, so I thought it was high time to create some new samples.  Given that my artwork has gone back to a Celtic theme lately (I’ve been busy developing a Celtic Knotwork series that will start with live classes in February),  I wanted to share a few of my latest pieces.  Below you’ll find both sides of a recent custom order that’s heading out to the Netherlands tomorrow, as well as another Celtic pendant, earrings and a tangled pin.  All of the pieces were made using watercolor paper, and are lightweight, sturdy and the thickness of a thin piece of wood.
Upcoming paper jewelry classes are Dec 3 in Bellows Falls, VT and Dec 10 in Hanover NH

collageAnd about that knotwork…  here are some recent drawings I’ve been working on.   I’ll be offering a beginning Celtic Knotwork series that kicks off in February in Bellows Falls.

  • Friday Feb 10 with a warm-up “Tangled Knotwork” class that is pure Zentangle, but will act as a good warm up to the real deal the next day. You’ll learn some “knot-like” tangles that require more focus, but NO eraser!
  • Saturday Feb 11 will be the first in a series of Classic Celtic Knotwork workshops – this one being longer to get you started.  In the series we’ll be exploring a number of different methods of drawing knotwork,  from freeform to using a few different grid methods, and yes, this is the real deal, so you will want a good white eraser as well as a mechanical pencil.

The first February 11 class, called “Celtic Knotwork for the Timid”, will start out with some simple freeform knots and a simple grid.   I will then start offering classes over the next few months that go deeper into techniques, from adding breaks to using knotwork in borders, fills, spirals and more.  I am also working on offering these workshops as an online offering as well as the paper jewelry, so stay tuned if you live far away.

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Playing with a Full Deck… Art Sparks Blog Hop

Art Sparks Blog HopWow, I haven’t blogged since July! (ok, so yes, I was away for most of August on vacation and a spiritual retreat far far away, and then reintegrating into life in Sept and most of October…. ) So thanks to Karen Friedland for shaking me out of my blog no-zone!

I love journaling prompts! And with art prompts, even better. So when I was invited to join in on a blog hop and play with a brand new deck of art prompts that talented artist Karen just released, called Art Sparks – well, it was a no-brainer for me. The cards themselves are beautiful, and on the back of each is a different painting Karen’s created. On the fronts, there is a different art prompt on each card. Some of the prompts even have links to guided meditation-type prompts via audio clips – what a neat idea!  And there is a 10% off coupon good until November 30th. Use the code ARTSPARKSINTRO.

(and read on… there will even be a GIVEWAY or two!)

Art Sparks Deck

For the blog hop, Karen asked me, (along with other 9 other awesome artists), to pick a card and document what we create from it. I suppose I might be nervous having my post be on day one, along with Karen herself, but heck… I’m going to have fun with this!

My mission, er – prompt, on Card #5 was to draw a picture of something that is normally small in size, and make it so big that it even spills over the sides of my page. And to notice how the object looks different when sized up… well that’s a challenge I’m definitely game for! So here goes…..

While away on pilgrimage to western Scotland this past August, I got to do some walking at a location I’ve wanted to visit for a long time,  Camusdarach Beach, just a few miles south of Mallaig. On my walk I found this teeny tiny shell to bring home. So small is it, that I needed some help from Ms. Photoshop to zoom in… so here’s what I’m going to play with:

Tiny Shell and Stamp               Tiny shell closeup Tiny shell even closer up

I knew that from the colors and patterns on the shell I wanted to use watercolor, so I grabbed one of my watercolor journals from The Journey Within (artjournaling and bookmaking year e-course), along with some Yarka pan watercolor paints, Derwent Inktense Pencils, brushes, white pens, black fineliner pen and a white Prismacolor pencil.

(you can click on any image above or below to see it larger)

First thing I did was to make a very LOOSE sketch of the shape of the shell much larger onto my journal page with a thin mechanical pencil….

Initially I thought I wanted to use the Inktense pencils for most of the color, but I had better mixing opportunities with the Yarka set in front of me for the colors I wanted.   I next began to layout what I saw where the most obvious parts of the shell, the light center and the orangish areas on the ribs…

I continued to fill in colors and then add in some interest and defining lines, shadows and highlights using a White Gelly Roll pen, a White acrylic marker, a black fineliner pen, and an Inktense Charcoal Grey for the outer shadow effects.

I finished it off with some white pencil to blend in some of the highlight areas better.

Now that I’ve had a chance to look through all of the photos, I might have actually stopped after I added in some of the greys.  I may even do a series based off of this.  Or maybe even tangle up a version of the image!  If I do, I’ll be sure to link it here. 

Art Sparks Prompt 5 - step 12


I definitely want to play with the other card prompts soon, especially the ones with sound files to listen to!  And they will definitely go into my “I don’t know what to make next” arsenal when I’m feeling stuck or just need a jump start.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the blog hop participants create with the cards they choose, and want to give a big THANK YOU to Karen Friedlander for inviting me to participate!

Now to the GIVEAWAYS:   (both drawings to be held on Nov 7 at 6pm EST)

Art Sparks Creative Project Deck

Art Sparks Creative Project Deck

Win an Art Sparks Deck of your very own! 
Follow me on Facebook or Instagram & leave a comment on one of those pages AND below to be entered!

Winner chosen Nov 7: name to be announced

Dyed Tiles

Dyed Coasters and Cards for Tangling

Win a pack of 5 hand-dyed color coasters or artist trading cards to use for Zentangle-inspired art or just drawing/painting!
Sign up for the TangleVermont newsletter to be entered and then let me know in the comments below!

Winner chosen Nov 7th:  Congrats Martha!

Finally, follow the other awesome artists participating in Karen’s blog hop for more giveaways throughout the week:

Karen Friedland‘s Art Sparks Blog Hop Page for Oct. 31
Up tomorrow on the blog hop: Jeri Bellini and Yva Lovee Barbour

Full Schedule and links:

Monday, October 31, 2016 Karen Friedland


Sadelle Wiltshire

Tuesday, November 1 Jeri Bellini


Yva Lovee Barbour

Wednesday, November 2 Barb Owen

Tiare Smith

Thursday, November 3 Gina Ahrens


Melissa Partridge

Friday, November 4 Kiala Givehand

Tori Weyers


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Journaling & Tangling with Color – my July Journey Within Lesson

July at The Journey Within - Journal making and Journaling ecourse - a Zentangle Journey with Sadelle Wiltshire, CZTI’m very pleased to announce that my July guest artist lesson for The Journey Within 2016 – book making and art journaling online course with Kiala Givehand is now available in the course portal!   For those who are not signed up for the course, it’s not too late to sign up for the 3rd Quarter here.   

This is my first time teaching online and I really enjoyed the process of making the videos for my lesson and a chance to share one of the ways I love to journal with Zentangle, as well as making a simple textured finger labyrinth for your journal.  So I went a bit overboard for my offering and there are 4 videos up,  including a mini Zentangle intro lesson and a pretty good sized pdf!   The 2 lessons and bonus lesson serve as a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the process –  carve some time out for yourself and find your flow!

Journal spread July TJW, (c) 2016 Sadelle Wiltshire

Journal spread July TJW

In my last post I showed just a tease of the journal page I created for my lesson, and I’ll post the full spread here so you’ll get and a better idea of what we’ll be making for the journal spread.  I’ve also made some fun discoveries since filming the journal spread that I’ll share with the Google Plus group that course attendees have access to!

If you sign up for the 3rd Quarter and you’ll have access to the July/August/Sept book structures, artist journaling lessons and bonus lessons that Kiala often adds to the course, as well as the Google Plus group!  If you end up loving it… you can sign up for the next quarter when it’s ready, or even the full year and get the lessons from the last 6 months. A great summer and beyond project, and the diversity of teaching styles is really tremendous!  I am pleased to be bringing some Zentangle to the mix!  

Meanwhile…  I had two LUCKY WINNERS from the giveaways I offered in the last post:

Congrats go out to
Carol McNab for winning the journal,
and Suzanne Rector for winning the Quarter slot in The Journey Within!!

It’s been a busy busy month for me!  I came home last week from leading a week-long workshop in Zentangle with an intergenerational Friends group (Quakers) at Friends General Conference which was held this year near St. Cloud, Minnesota.   It was a week of tangling, worship, color and pattern. I’ll leave you with a few pics of some of the group’s artwork below.
Wishing you many opportunities to relax, chill out and connect with that inner spark…..

Sadelle Wiltshire

Some snapshots of a wonderful week of art as meditation at Friends General Conference…

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My Journey Within Zentangle Art Journal Lesson & TWO giveaways for July

Tangled Sanctuary Journal Lesson Sneak Peek for July, by Sadelle Wiltshire, TangleVermont

Tiny Peek of my July Journey Within 2016 journal page lesson

It feels funny to be writing this post so far away from home, but I’m in Minnesota getting ready to lead a weeklong Zentangle workshop (Ann is at home, sadly) at the upcoming Friends General Conference Gathering.   And July is the month my online lesson for The Journey Within 2016 – art journaling and journal making e-course goes live!

My July Journey Within Video Lesson
I’ve got a very special contribution for the July theme and I’m really excited to share it with folks who have signed up for the course (HINT: you can also sign up for the 3rd Quarter of the the course if you don’t want the whole year’s worth of lessons).   My lesson combines a few of my loves, and will

Hand shaped "Finger Labyrinth" (c) Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT, Tangle Vermont

Finger labyrinth journal page

include a special introduction, a short Zentangle beginners’ video, a video using a watercolor-like background and Zentangle in your art journal, and a mini introduction video to the labyrinth and making a finger labyrinth for your art journal cover or a page.

I won’t kid you, it was a bit of a learning curve to take on video editing, as well as putting myself and what I do on video, but I’m really happy with it, and am jazzed to share it! (AND I’m plotting some video courses of my own…)

To celebrate,  I’m offering TWO giveaways to our readers:

I'm teaching in The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals with Kiala GivehandWin a 3RD QUARTER ENROLLMENT in The Journey Within – a year of handmade art journals with Kiala Givehand and 18 artists.  You’ll get 3 months of art journaling video lessons, prompts and instructions for 3 handmade journals.
Win a Silk Sari-Covered Art Journal with a surprise inside page inscription from me.

Watercolor labyrinth journal page and poem, (c) Sadelle Wiltshire,

Watercolor labyrinth journal page and poem

You have lots of chances to win!
You’ll get entered EACH TIME for
any of the following  listed below:

  • Comment on this post below and tell me which giveaway you’d like to be entered in and or what other video art courses you’d like to see me create in the future.
  • Like & Comment on the TangleVermont Facebook Page
  • Pin one of the images above on Pinterest and post a link to your pin in the comments here.
  • Follow me or one or more of my boards on Pinterest and comment on one of my pins there.
  • Follow me on Instagram and comment on my hand labyrinth photo

The Drawing will be held for the FREE 3rd Quarter SLOT in Journey Within on Saturday Night JULY 9.
The Drawing for the Handmade Journal will be held Sunday night July 10.
Winners will be notified by email, so be sure to comment HERE if you opt for just Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

I can’t wait to share more with you!

Sadelle Wiltshire


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A Tangle Workout & a New Journal to Play With

Skye monotangle tile, Sadelle Wiltshire, TangleVermont

‘Skye’ monotangle tile

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I get into a “tangle rut”.   You know, doing the same tangles over and over.  Yes, this happens to teachers too!  Since I’ve been teaching, facilitating and journaling alot and pouring more time into those activities than into what used to be a daily Zentangle practice, I found myself in somewhat of a rut lately.  And kind of like starting a new physical exercise routine, I needed some other motivation to “work out” my tangling…

So over the past week two fun things came along to inspire me:

The first was the fantastical tangle breakdown that the very clever Margaret Bremner, CZT figured out and shared with the rest of us, with a name that means alot to me:  Skye!  (More to come on the significance of the name to me later this year! 🙂  )

And seriously, she’s kind of hit the ‘holy grail’ of tangle break-downs in deconstructing this gorgeous Celtic knot!   I had so much fun (and it took a bit of practice, to find my way with it) learning and playing with this tangle!  I’m a huge fan of Celtic knotwork, and although I do know how to draw knotwork a bit, it certainly takes practice and patience and you usually DO need an eraser in regular knotwork.     Not so with this one…   it still will take some practice, but you won’t need an eraser!   It was a great tangle to break me out of my rut this week!

Musings Adventure JournalThe second thing was a chance to try out a new journal from Lisa deYoung of Mountain Mermaid (and one of my fellow teachers in The Journey Within bookmaking/journaling e-course).  Lisa makes these wonderful journals made of an 80lb paper with a little bit of tooth. Perfect for tangling AND journaling in!  The one I’ll be playing with is her 2016 Musings Adventure Journal.   I like that there are 7 open boxes per two page spread, but with plenty of extra room to draw around.

When I started journaling with it this week, it was an invitation to play with Margaret’s new tangle, and juxtapose it with another one of my favorite’s Mi2, by friend Mimi Lempart, CZT.    And then I thought,  hmm… what would I journal about?  All I could think of this week were all the tasks ahead of me over the next few weeks, so what better form to use than a ‘bullet journal’ format in a few boxes.      I liked that I could do a bit of Zentangle practice, AND plan my week at the same time!   Lisa calls the journal “a creative logbook (for your everyday magic moments)” and I can certainly see why!   It was perfect for what I ended up using it for and I like that I can either log, journal, draw or whatever in these small spaces for times I want to keep notes on the week, but also incorporate some Zentangle quiet time.

Here are a few pages from my playing with the Mini Musings Journal page.  I can’t wait till my full journal arrives!

Musings journal one side empty

musings zoom in         interior spread of musings

Join the Mini Musings Adventure!Lisa is blogging all week at to celebrate the launch of the Musings Adventure Journal  and is having a Mini Musings Adventure – a free e-adventure that includes a download of a blank spread like mine.

You can join in the fun by signing up here:!   If you comment or send her some love, tell her I sent you!


I'm teaching in The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals with Kiala GivehandAnd if you’re interested in checking out the online art journaling and bookmaking course that both Lisa and I are guest teachers in this year along with 16 others and our fabulous hostess Kiala Givehand, be sure to check out The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals.  My lesson will be in July and Lisa’s will be later this year (she does wonderful lettering work)!


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Journals and Paint and Tangles, oh my!

Art journals made Jan. to Apr.

Art journals made Jan. to Apr.

I was hoping to get more art journaling done this year, and truth is, I’m a bit of a journal junkie, but half the time they don’t get touched. Not so this year!  I’ve been following along with The Journey Within yearlong e-course (also available by the quarter) and boy are the prompts, art journal lessons and bookmaking videos charging my engine!

January Journals

January Journals

The January journals were easy to make and required little adhesive and a great way to use up a variety of prints and papers I had hanging around. I love that learners are encouraged to make a prototype journal (for me that just means more journals!).  The little guy in the forefront is perfect for stashing in a purse and making impromptu sketches and Zentangle drawings.

January prototype mini journal for sketching and tangling

January prototype mini journal for sketching and tangling …

March accordian Journal

March accordian journal with Toned tan & grey pages











I’ve included some snapshots of some of the other journals from February and March, as well as a couple of the January journal pages.   Some of the pages were prompts or lessons from the Journey Within course,  and some, my own.  I loved the mini gallery project lesson from the January part of the course… what fun!   (BTW, if you sign up for the whole year, you get to go back and do those lessons and book structures too!)

As I created the March journal the second time, I had the idea that I wanted to play with the accordion structure when spread open, and continue a line or two from one page onto the next as a sort of visual prompt and a way to tie one page to the next. With the hand labyrinth, I continued two white lines off to the right onto the second page and let that then dictate what it wanted to be. The second page ended up being mostly a combo of the drawing lesson from Yuko combined with some organic tangles, but done in white.

I then continued a couple of the bubbles/circles onto the third page….

imageFirst page accordian spread, showing part of second page and continuing line prompt

First page accordion spread, showing part of second page and continuing line prompt

The April Journal

The April book promises to be fun to journal in, leather, sewn structure, lots of pages, yum!

Funny story, last night I went searching for some leather for this month’s book project, and after our move last year, could not find what I thought I’d had. Meanwhile a neighbor summoned for help with her printer. While I was there fixing the printer issue, I mentioned that I was looking for leather scraps. Lo and behold, she pulls down this old bag of scraps she’d been saving for years…. I love the black leather cover I made with the red tie and red waxed linen stitching! The leather structure is part of the April-June quarter, and you can sign up for just this quarter or for the whole course.

I’ll be teaching in the third quarter, in July!  Expect some Zentangle  journaling fun and a labyrinth or two in my July lesson….. 😉

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‘Ziphart’, a post-Valentine’s Valentine & Tangle

It was a busy January and I’m JUST getting to a blog post again since the end of the 2015.  We taught 3 successful Zentangle workshops at the Immanuel Retreat Center in Bellows Falls and are looking forward to 3 more wonderful events coming up there this month thru April!

Meanwhile, I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine’s this past weekend, whether with your cherished self or loved one/s!  Here chez TangleVermont we kept busy trying to keep us and our critters warm with the sub-zero temps!  That also meant lots of chocolate!

This year I chose not to offer a “Valentangle” workshop,  as we were finding our plates rather full with classes and workshops and life in the balance.   But the call to play in my art journal continued, now that the The Journey Within 2016 e-course that I’m participating in is yielding an abundant supply of new art journals to fill up!

Heart labyrinth on toned grey with "Ziphart" tangle, watercolor pencil and ink, by Sadelle Wiltshire, 2016

Heart labyrinth on toned grey with “Ziphart”, watercolor pencil and ink, Sadelle Wiltshire, 2016

I have been following a Facebook group called “Valentangle 2016” and while I haven’t had a chance to post really, between that and the Journey Within course I had plenty of inspiration for more creations.   I still had a few pages left in my January e-course handmade journal, which happened to have toned gray pages in it, and of course needed to make another heart labyrinth.  I love the multitude of heart -themed tangles out there, but as I was zipping up my coat to brave the elements this weekend, the thought came to me that my zipper kind of reminded me of staggered side by side  hearts, one row up and one row down…     I started digging into my Zentangle resources and didn’t find a tangle quite like what I had in mind,  so I birthed a new tangle this weekend, that I’ve named “Ziphart” (you pronounce it any way you like!)

Ziphart heart tangle by Sadelle Wiltshire - makes a good fill or border

This was a fun tangle to play with… I did the grey journal page above first, and used my Caran d’Ache Supracolor II pencils to add most of the color elements including some highlights and toning part of the gray back to white-ish.   I had to sneak in a “zen gem” in one of the hearts, just because! 🙂  I haven’t had a chance to fully fully explore this tangle other than the journal page and the step-out I created last night, but there a number of ways to make this tangle easier to execute:

First of all,  I recommend starting from the bottom to create your series of “hooks” or angled U-shapes.  Then, starting again at the bottom, create a mirrored row of hooks going up (you can also work downwards if you want to work without lifting your pen).  When I’m connecting the centers, I take the opportunity to extend the center dip of the heart while drawing my mirrored stroke.

Next,  FLIP your tile so you can start to work alongside the row you’ve just created.


Ziphart mirrored stroke closeupNotice that I am starting my hook here with the left side of the heart shape, and fitting along the slope of the first upside down heart.  You decide whether it’s more comfortable for you to make this stroke by drawing from the top or the bottom.

If you are right handed like me, I would suggest starting your first vertical row of hooks along the right side of your workspace rather than the way I did it.   That way, when you flip your tile to create the next set of hearts it you will be working alongside the right rather than the left which will likely be more comforable.  (This will make more sense when you do it, but I’ll try and get a video demo up in the next month!)

After making your series of nestled and flipped heart rows, one way to embellish it is to simply “round” off the central ditches and fill them in.  You can also opt to leave those alone and just shade the ditches.  I’ve included a few other ways to play with this pattern, but I know there are lots of other ways I’ve yet to explore…  maybe YOU’ll find something different to do with this!  If so, please do leave a comment and link!

I find the pattern to be a great fill as well as a border, and if you do just two vertical rows together and shade one side of the hearts, while filling in the empty spaces dark, it looks like a zipper!  (Hence the inspiration for the name!)

Have fun with this and do leave your links if you try this!   You can also post your tangled Ziphart art on our TangleVermont Facebook page, tag me @tanglevermont on Pinterest  or @sadiavt on Twitter or Instagram!

Have fun!
Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT


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Art Journaling Prompts with Mixed Media Inspiration cards

The prompt was to add a piece of recycled art - I collaged a couple of pieces of cast off gelli prints onto the journal page to start. 2015 Sadelle Wiltshire to Ann-Lynn W on being the lucky winner of Kiala Givehand’s Mixed Media Inspiration Deck cards!

I thought I’d create a couple of journal pages in one of my #journeywithin2016 handmade art journals that were inspired by cards I pulled this week:

The prompt was to add a piece of recycled art – I collaged a couple of pieces of cast off gelli prints onto the journal page to start.

I added a fern stem to the collaged gelli prints with a couple of shades of green moonlight gelly roll pens and used more gelly roll pens including white and metallic gold, and an Accurit waterproof pen (similiar to Microns) to add some of the designs and tangles.

Finished dew inspired fern page, interpreted loosely, pen work on top of collaged gelli prints Added a fern stem to the collaged gelli prints with a couple of shades of green moonlight gelly roll pens, Sadelle Wiltshire,

Then last night I was inspired to pull another card. This time the prompt was to “drip and spray watered down paint” onto my page.  I was looking foward to playing with some new toys, so I grabbed a few Liquitex acrylic Ink bottles in metallic colors as well as an FW pearlescent liquid acrylic ink bottle and a small spray bottle with water.

MIxed Media Inspiration Deck and Acrylic Inks

Well this turned out to be WAY too much fun.  I dropped a few splotches of ink along the outside of the page,  spritzed with water, and turned the page this way and that.  I stopped a few times and used a silicone tool I’d picked up for my gelatin plate, and used that to move some of the inks around by flicking it through the larger splotches.

open to possibilities page 3open to possibilities page 4open to possibilities page 5


splotches of acrylic ink and sprayed water with a tool to move some of the bigger splotches - Sadelle Wiltshire 2015

I’ve been considering a future with lots of changes and being open to the possibilities for development of my gifts,  so the phrase ‘be open to the possibilities’ came to me…  I grabbed a dip pen and used the FW pearlescent acrylic purple ink and wrote along the sides of the page and the middle.   The exercise in playing with the sprayed down acrylic inks definitely leaves one open to all kinds of possibilities on the journal page.  I used the dip pen to create the purple tangled embellishments as well which was an exercise in being patient and remembering to dip more often!   I ended up accenting the main words with correction fluid for the white.  Interesting possibilities with office supplies…

Open to Possibilities journal page with dripped and sprayed acrylic inks by Sadelle Wiltshire, with Kiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration Deck
Kiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration Deck Do you want to have an inspired year of making your own art journals, full of creative sparks for filling them up with your own yummy creative work?  

Sign up for an amazing and FUN adventure in making monthly handmade art journals, learning art journaling and mixed media art techniques, prompts, inspirations for making unique art and have your most creative year yet.
CLICK HERE to learn more and register.

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Cultural Heritage Art Journal Prompt, Challenge & 2 Giveaways

acrylic-collage-closeupHello tangling and artsy friends…  stay with me here: I’ve packed alot into today’s post!!

I’ve been so excited to be a guest teacher in
The Journey Within: A Year of Handmade Art Journals hosted by book maker, Kiala Givehand plus me and 17 other artists. The class begins January 1st* continues thru 2016. Every month, Kiala will teach you to make a new handmade art journal – a different one each month!

*Kiala is offering a December mini-course free with signups before January……

Ready to start now?  She’ll also give you prompts, tips, and techniques for filling the pages, and the guest artists will be sharing their take on the themes and prompts with plenty of videos, as well as their art journaling process and you get to make 12 of your own books.

To get the fun times started, Kiala created a Dos a Dos book structure for December and asked each guest artist to give her a challenge to complete.

And today was my turn! Here’s what I gave Kiala to do:

Prompt-sample-1-Russian inspired bird with Zentangle embellishments. Acrylic wash background over torn Russian newspaper pieces.The Journey Within Blog Hop Art Journal Prompt:
Cultural Heritage / Language

  • Create a page inspired by a foreign language or your cultural heritage.
  • Use any combination of words, fonts & letters, poetry, newspapers, art inspiration from the language or culture as collaged bits and/or painted or stamped layers.
  • Add some Zentangle inspired art or pattern art to highlight a section or shapes.

You can see how Kiala took on my challenge over on her blog hop page HERE….

DOWNLOAD:  And here’s a  Bonus resource pdf for you to download with a bit more story and language / Zentangle resources – then scroll down to read more!

Need more inspiration?  Here are some examples from me:

                          Prompt-sample-2b Russian-inspired Journal-Around-the-World 2014 right page  Prompt-sample-2a Russian-inspired Journal-Around-the-World 2014 left page

The three pages above were created over the last couple of years and were the inspiration for my challenge prompt.   Since I have some Russian in my ancestry and studied the language in college,  it was an easy choice!  I used bits of Russian newspaper as the starter background for the bird image, added acrylic paint, the bird stamp, hand drawn tree and house embellished with Zentangle.   The other two pages made use of Russian handwriting and poetry, lots of acrylic layers and gel/metallic pens with more Zentangle patterns.  Russian word for "Mirror", layered acrylic with some Zentangle inspired gel pen work - by Sadelle Wiltshire, 2015. Created as part of The Journey Within - year of handmade art journals with Kiala Givehand

Then, I was so inspired to stretch myself a bit more for this month’s challenge, I created three new journal pages using the prompt, still sticking with Russian:  two using collage, acrylics with Zentangle gel pen work and one watercolor sketch with tangle patterns and journaling. The page to the left was inspired by one of the December Mini Course words, “Mirror”.  I played with mirrored swaddled jewel babies and mirrored colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  Here the Russian word for mirror was created in Photoshop, turned upside down for the mirror effect, printed out and then painted with acrylic and collaged in place. The other acrylic below left was created over torn Russian newspaper anticipating the new year.  Finally, my other love, playing with watercolor pencils,  a watercolor sketch inspired by a memory from travels in the USSR over 30 years ago and my love of Russian samovars and tea, with some actual real-like journaling :-).

                Happy New Year Russian themed art journal page, Sadelle Wiltshire Dec 2015                 Russian word for "Mirror", layered acrylic with some Zentangle inspired gel pen work - by Sadelle Wiltshire, 2015. Created as part of The Journey Within - year of handmade art journals with Kiala Givehand

So how about YOU? Are you ready to take the challenge?  You don’t need to know another language to play.  Maybe collage in some elements from your own heritage, or a great grandparent’s language…   or even a culture that is not your own, but one you love.  Come join us for this amazing and FUN adventure and have your most creative year yet. CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up for the class.

  Kiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration DeckKiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration Deck
(So yes, I do get a small benefit directly when you register for the class from this blog or site!  Thank you for helping a starving artist – and to sweeten the deal, if you purchase the class through my links above, I will put your name into a special drawing on Jan. 5**  to win a rare deck of Kiala Givehand’s Mixed Media Inspiration cards)
Congrats to Ann-Lynn W. of Georgia for winning the Mixed Media Cards!

And if you do decide to try the challenge I gave Kiala,  I’d be delighted if you’d leave a comment with a link to your blog or to the page you completed so I can see YOUR lovely creative work!

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Bonus Giveaway - 2 quarter year slots in The Journey Within
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Congrats to Jane R. from Michigan!

I will be giving another seat for the summer quarter away in July. ***

If you would still like to share about the course, there are many ways….

  • Go to the TangleVermont Facebook page, Like Us and then Share my challenge post with your friends or in a group you participate in.
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This giveaway ended on Dec 27th.

The Journey Within 2016, a year of handmade journals and art journalingAnd here is the rest of the blog hop list — make sure you check out each talented artist’s page and challenge:

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Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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Sneak peek Art Journal Challenge and Drawing

It’s almost Thursday!    I’m posting my challenge prompt for The Journey Within course and blog hop for December here on Thursday morning…..  and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to!  I’ve combined some of my most favorite journaling themes for my prompt and challenge, so I’ll give you a sneak peek at a zoomed in area from one of my newly finished pages now:

Closeup of one of my prompt/challenge sample pages

Closeup sneak peak of page sample #2 for tomorrow’s blog hop

I’ll talk about my process a little tomorrow on the blog, show you the full images for this and the 2 other new pages I made for samples and include some extra photos and there will also be a downloadble pdf,  with helpful resources for following the challenge.

The Journey Within 2016, a year of handmade journals and art journalingSo how about YOU? Are you ready to take the challenge?   Come join us for this amazing and FUN adventure and have your most creative year yet. CLICK HERE to learn more about the year-long art-journaling and book-making course with 18 participating artists, and sign up for the class.

(And yes, I do get a small benefit directly when you register for the class from this blog or site!  Thank you for helping a starving artist –  I will enter anyone who purchases the class through my links above into a  special drawing on Jan. 5 at 6pm for a deck of art journaling cards!  And Thursday I’ll be offering yet another giveaway!)

And if you do decide to try the challenge I gave Kiala on the 17th,  I’d be delighted if you’d leave a comment to my blog post on Dec 17th with a link to your blog or to the page you completed so I can see YOUR lovely creative work!

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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