Tangle Hunts & a New Tangle: ‘Foxtrail’ (and company)

If you’ve been tangling for a while or even just recently gotten hooked on Zentangle,  then likely you are seeing patterns everywhere.   Patterns in architecture, in nature, in shop windows, in the clouds, in water, on clothing and textiles.  If you look at descriptions of tangle patterns folks have come up with, you may start to notice what inspired them.  I often save photos I come across with a distinct pattern, for possibly finding a way to break it down into easy strokes and steps, and voila… a new tangle!

Gravestone in cemeteryThe Hunt:
About a year ago I taught a Garden Zentangle class where I had the workshop participants gather in the morning behind Immanuel Episcopal Church in Bellows Falls, VT to look at and quick sketch patterns in plants and trees and even… the gravestones in the cemetery.    In the afternoon we looked at our found pictures and talked and played with turning these into repeatable patterns.

Forest flora closeupThe Adventure Continues:
There’s a sense of adventure when seeking and collecting these patterns and then asking “how could this become a tangle”?    And then a real sense of adventure when you let yourself play with a design and turn it into SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Maybe one, two or three patterns from one image… maybe more!  It’s scary to risk changing something you have in front of you and risk ‘messing it up’, but if you’ve ever taken a tangle and let yourself play with it for hours, letting it morph,  without thinking too hard, then you may have just found yourself in that space of focus and FLOW.   It’s magic, and then you look down, and often find you’ve CREATED magic!

Now I could wax poetic and spiritual about this experience of flow, of drawing and being ‘in the moment’ and fully in the present, but I’ll save that for another post. 🙂

graveyard stone tangleThe Tangle/s:
So today I want to finally share a tangle that I only recently created and started to play with.   It has some qualities like the Zentangle tangle “Snail“, but as you’ll see, it’s very different.  And it has siblings, too, in the illustrated tangleations.  I may have to name those as well.  One of them really IS very snail like, but the initial pattern I arrived at looked like a row of cute little foxes.   So “Foxtrail” it was named.

As you might have noticed, the original source (not fox-like at all) came from the gravestone pictured above.

Have a look and a play, and let me see what you create from the tangle/s below.   Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @sadiavt with the hashtag #TangleVermont  or post a link in the comments below, or on the TangleVermont Facebook page.    

Or Online:
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Sadelle Wiltshire

P.S.  Help me name variations 1-3!  Or maybe you’ll find a spin-off.  🙂


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4 Responses to Tangle Hunts & a New Tangle: ‘Foxtrail’ (and company)

  1. Jane MacKugler says:

    Great, Sadelle! These are so much fun to play with. Thanks!

  2. Andrea says:

    I love this! I was looking at some cherry blossom photos I took, and I thought how cool would it be to make a zentangle pattern from these! Maybe I will give it a try!

    • Sadelle says:

      Yes, Andrea!! Definitely give it a try! It’s SO much fun to make patterns from what you see! And post a link to a photo if you do! I’m sure it will be terrific! xxoo

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