Tangle ‘X-BO’ & Black and White Journaling

My dear creative friends,

Hope your summer is going swimmingly!

It’s been a busy month here!  I’m recently back from another wonderful weeklong Zentangle workshop at FGC Gathering in Niagara Falls, NY.   I’ve been prepping and designing some fun new art offerings, including a few new tangle patterns (a new one for you today!) and a new coloring page coming soon.  Also, I’m very excited to be guest teaching a LIVE class online tomorrow  (more on that below)!

X-BO Tangle(ation) Sadelle WiltshireHere’s a Celtic-style border TANGLE I sketched out a few months ago as a schematic for a local class I was teaching, inspired by simple knotwork.  I decided to break down the steps further into a simple knotted border design tangle.  I’m calling it “X-bo”  short for X border.  It’ll soon be obvious why. 😉

This series of step-outs came about when I was demonstrating to a couple of my classes how to draw a simple border made from X’s  and straight lines, and ways to keep the overs/unders in order.   At first glance, it’s a bit reminiscent of Margaret Bremner’s “Chebucto” tangle, but it’s constructed very differently and allows for growing into borders.  You can also play with curving the X’s and see what happens then.

However you use it,  choose to make one side of the X your TOP starter piece,  i.e., righties vs lefties… and turn the work as you go around the border.

X-BO-lo-res Tangle-ation


Enjoy!  and if you’d like to see one of the things I’ve been up to, check out The Black and White Art Journal online course.  I’m one of 8 teachers in this fun, minimal take on art journaling.  Kiala Givehand, the hostess, always teaches fun book-making lessons plus there will be a huge variety of tutorials on journaling in black and white, with some of the lessons initially broadcast live and then recorded.

I bring out my pens, paper and pencils in the session that I taught along with a few tricks with tangles, knots and pen weavings in your journal.

Register HERE to join us. No worries about missing any of the Live sessions, as they’ve all been recorded and the videos have been posted in the course.

sneak peekIncluded in the course:

  • Black and white art journaling lessons and videos from 8 teachers of diverse backgrounds.
  • Learn 2 handmade book structures to make, mood mandalas, lots of prompts, doodles, tangling, stamping, supply tips, and more that I haven’t seen yet.
  • A minimalistic approach to art journaling that requires less supplies (read, easier to take on vacation).
  • A year’s access to the course online.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for the course.
    And knowing Kiala, I’m sure there will be extra tidbits.

My lesson covers an easy and fun drawing technique that incorporates woven bands and shading into your journal page with a couple of fun Celtic-style ornamental tangles and doodles to use as borders.  I’ve also shared tips on the supplies I use and a touch of shading.  The images below give an idea of the kinds of things you can create.

Hope you can join me and the other teachers for this fun online class playing with black, white and shades between (with handmade journals to boot)!.

Make time for some art peace and quiet in your day…

Sadelle Wiltshire

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