An Ode to Good Technology

Do you teach or demonstrate to groups?

I don’t often wax poetic about products, but I’ve had such good experiences with this company’s document cameras (more on what they do in a moment) that I had to share the love.  For the past five years, I’ve been using the camera below in my classes: it plugs into my laptop (and the laptop to a projector) and has been easily projecting most of my art workshop demonstrations to screen this way, making it much easier for all of my students to see what I’m doing closeup.

IPEVO Point 2 View Document / Web Cam

IPEVO Point 2 View Document / Web Cam

IPEVO Point 2 ViewThis is the IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera, and I have loved how small and lightweight this puppy is, and I’ve projected not just my live Zentangle demos, but other drawing workshops and even tapestry jewelry demonstrations. I’ve put my iPad under the camera, and even my phone, when needed. I use their Presenter software to control what projects to the screen.  I’ve used this camera with both small classes of under 10 to large event demonstrations with over 60 people attending.   Can you say ‘a godsend’? I’ve even used the camera and software to record my teaching videos last summer for an online art course I taught in. Pretty wonderful.

And then suddenly, last week my beloved Mac started acting up,  mid-stream into teaching a 5 week Celtic Knotwork course.  Yikes.   I needed another solution quick, this time a camera direct to projector, and IPEVO to the rescue again.  I’d been eyeing this new camera since I saw it in use a couple of years ago,  and a last minute online order brought it to me in 2 days. The package arrived Wednesday, 2 hours before I had to leave to teach, and by 6:30pm it was plugged into the projector and running, no laptop needed!

IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera (CDVU-05IP)


The IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera (CDVU-05IP) was super easy to set up, (I didn’t even read the instructions), and it seems a bit taller than the P2V, which means I don’t need to prop it up to fully show my art work on the table. The fact that I didn’t need the laptop also gave me more room to move on my demo table, another plus. I also liked that I could brighten the projection directly from the camera with the click of a button. The documentation says it can still work plugged into a laptop for those times I want to record video.

This camera is a bit bigger and heavier than the P2V, but still will make life a breeze traveling to demonstrations and workshops.   It needs a power source hookup, plus the plug into a VGA projector.

The company’s website is ultra teacher-friendly, with plenty of videos and info, if you need to check them out further, but I definitely wanted to share with teacher friends or anyone that has any reason to record or project small live demonstrations, be it artwork or homework. And our P2V will still see some use going forward, and certainly for times that I’m doing online demos or need to show my screen (just not on my Mac till I repair the USB port!).

Btw, I am in no way affiliated with this company, just a really really happy customer.  Good technology for teachers!

Sadelle Wiltshire

P.S. Sometime soon I should probably say something nice about my lovely 5 yr old Epson projector, the other workhorse in the equation!

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