Paper Jewelry and Knotwork

New watercolor jewelry pieces @2016 Sadelle Wiltshire

new samples

I’ve been preparing to teach a set of Tangled and Watercolor Paper Jewelry workshops locally in the next few weeks, so I thought it was high time to create some new samples.  Given that my artwork has gone back to a Celtic theme lately (I’ve been busy developing a Celtic Knotwork series that will start with live classes in February),  I wanted to share a few of my latest pieces.  Below you’ll find both sides of a recent custom order that’s heading out to the Netherlands tomorrow, as well as another Celtic pendant, earrings and a tangled pin.  All of the pieces were made using watercolor paper, and are lightweight, sturdy and the thickness of a thin piece of wood.
Upcoming paper jewelry classes are Dec 3 in Bellows Falls, VT and Dec 10 in Hanover NH

collageAnd about that knotwork…  here are some recent drawings I’ve been working on.   I’ll be offering a beginning Celtic Knotwork series that kicks off in February in Bellows Falls.

  • Friday Feb 10 with a warm-up “Tangled Knotwork” class that is pure Zentangle, but will act as a good warm up to the real deal the next day. You’ll learn some “knot-like” tangles that require more focus, but NO eraser!
  • Saturday Feb 11 will be the first in a series of Classic Celtic Knotwork workshops – this one being longer to get you started.  In the series we’ll be exploring a number of different methods of drawing knotwork,  from freeform to using a few different grid methods, and yes, this is the real deal, so you will want a good white eraser as well as a mechanical pencil.

The first February 11 class, called “Celtic Knotwork for the Timid”, will start out with some simple freeform knots and a simple grid.   I will then start offering classes over the next few months that go deeper into techniques, from adding breaks to using knotwork in borders, fills, spirals and more.  I am also working on offering these workshops as an online offering as well as the paper jewelry, so stay tuned if you live far away.

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