A Tangle Workout & a New Journal to Play With

Skye monotangle tile, Sadelle Wiltshire, TangleVermont

‘Skye’ monotangle tile

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I get into a “tangle rut”.   You know, doing the same tangles over and over.  Yes, this happens to teachers too!  Since I’ve been teaching, facilitating and journaling alot and pouring more time into those activities than into what used to be a daily Zentangle practice, I found myself in somewhat of a rut lately.  And kind of like starting a new physical exercise routine, I needed some other motivation to “work out” my tangling…

So over the past week two fun things came along to inspire me:

The first was the fantastical tangle breakdown that the very clever Margaret Bremner, CZT figured out and shared with the rest of us, with a name that means alot to me:  Skye!  (More to come on the significance of the name to me later this year! 🙂  )

And seriously, she’s kind of hit the ‘holy grail’ of tangle break-downs in deconstructing this gorgeous Celtic knot!   I had so much fun (and it took a bit of practice, to find my way with it) learning and playing with this tangle!  I’m a huge fan of Celtic knotwork, and although I do know how to draw knotwork a bit, it certainly takes practice and patience and you usually DO need an eraser in regular knotwork.     Not so with this one…   it still will take some practice, but you won’t need an eraser!   It was a great tangle to break me out of my rut this week!

Musings Adventure JournalThe second thing was a chance to try out a new journal from Lisa deYoung of Mountain Mermaid (and one of my fellow teachers in The Journey Within bookmaking/journaling e-course).  Lisa makes these wonderful journals made of an 80lb paper with a little bit of tooth. Perfect for tangling AND journaling in!  The one I’ll be playing with is her 2016 Musings Adventure Journal.   I like that there are 7 open boxes per two page spread, but with plenty of extra room to draw around.

When I started journaling with it this week, it was an invitation to play with Margaret’s new tangle, and juxtapose it with another one of my favorite’s Mi2, by friend Mimi Lempart, CZT.    And then I thought,  hmm… what would I journal about?  All I could think of this week were all the tasks ahead of me over the next few weeks, so what better form to use than a ‘bullet journal’ format in a few boxes.      I liked that I could do a bit of Zentangle practice, AND plan my week at the same time!   Lisa calls the journal “a creative logbook (for your everyday magic moments)” and I can certainly see why!   It was perfect for what I ended up using it for and I like that I can either log, journal, draw or whatever in these small spaces for times I want to keep notes on the week, but also incorporate some Zentangle quiet time.

Here are a few pages from my playing with the Mini Musings Journal page.  I can’t wait till my full journal arrives!

Musings journal one side empty

musings zoom in         interior spread of musings

Join the Mini Musings Adventure!Lisa is blogging all week at mtnmermaid.wordpress.com to celebrate the launch of the Musings Adventure Journal  and is having a Mini Musings Adventure – a free e-adventure that includes a download of a blank spread like mine.

You can join in the fun by signing up here:  http://bit.ly/May2016MMA!   If you comment or send her some love, tell her I sent you!


I'm teaching in The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals with Kiala GivehandAnd if you’re interested in checking out the online art journaling and bookmaking course that both Lisa and I are guest teachers in this year along with 16 others and our fabulous hostess Kiala Givehand, be sure to check out The Journey Within, a year of handmade art journals.  My lesson will be in July and Lisa’s will be later this year (she does wonderful lettering work)!


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4 Responses to A Tangle Workout & a New Journal to Play With

  1. Gorgeous! I love how you worked the printed triangles from the page into your final design.

  2. Mimi Lempart says:

    I love the combination of Skye with Mi2. You were the first person I shared Mi2 with, even before it had a name! I’ve recently started bullet journaling and will definitely check out Lisa’s blog.

    • Sadelle says:

      Mimi, I remember that day well! At the Tibetan restaurant in Noho, right? Yes, I’m thinking bullet journaling will be the way to go this summer for tracking some of my travels. We miss you out east! xxoo

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