Journals and Paint and Tangles, oh my!

Art journals made Jan. to Apr.

Art journals made Jan. to Apr.

I was hoping to get more art journaling done this year, and truth is, I’m a bit of a journal junkie, but half the time they don’t get touched. Not so this year!  I’ve been following along with The Journey Within yearlong e-course (also available by the quarter) and boy are the prompts, art journal lessons and bookmaking videos charging my engine!

January Journals

January Journals

The January journals were easy to make and required little adhesive and a great way to use up a variety of prints and papers I had hanging around. I love that learners are encouraged to make a prototype journal (for me that just means more journals!).  The little guy in the forefront is perfect for stashing in a purse and making impromptu sketches and Zentangle drawings.

January prototype mini journal for sketching and tangling

January prototype mini journal for sketching and tangling …

March accordian Journal

March accordian journal with Toned tan & grey pages











I’ve included some snapshots of some of the other journals from February and March, as well as a couple of the January journal pages.   Some of the pages were prompts or lessons from the Journey Within course,  and some, my own.  I loved the mini gallery project lesson from the January part of the course… what fun!   (BTW, if you sign up for the whole year, you get to go back and do those lessons and book structures too!)

As I created the March journal the second time, I had the idea that I wanted to play with the accordion structure when spread open, and continue a line or two from one page onto the next as a sort of visual prompt and a way to tie one page to the next. With the hand labyrinth, I continued two white lines off to the right onto the second page and let that then dictate what it wanted to be. The second page ended up being mostly a combo of the drawing lesson from Yuko combined with some organic tangles, but done in white.

I then continued a couple of the bubbles/circles onto the third page….

imageFirst page accordian spread, showing part of second page and continuing line prompt

First page accordion spread, showing part of second page and continuing line prompt

The April Journal

The April book promises to be fun to journal in, leather, sewn structure, lots of pages, yum!

Funny story, last night I went searching for some leather for this month’s book project, and after our move last year, could not find what I thought I’d had. Meanwhile a neighbor summoned for help with her printer. While I was there fixing the printer issue, I mentioned that I was looking for leather scraps. Lo and behold, she pulls down this old bag of scraps she’d been saving for years…. I love the black leather cover I made with the red tie and red waxed linen stitching! The leather structure is part of the April-June quarter, and you can sign up for just this quarter or for the whole course.

I’ll be teaching in the third quarter, in July!  Expect some Zentangle  journaling fun and a labyrinth or two in my July lesson….. 😉

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8 Responses to Journals and Paint and Tangles, oh my!

  1. Hi Sadelle, I enjoyed seeing your line drawings here, the doc’s table.

  2. Sarah Orr says:

    I always enjoy seeing the projects you are working on. The journals are great. I don’t know if I will ever make one, but enjoy the web site.
    Sarah Orr

    • Sadelle says:

      Thanks Sarah! It’s not hard to make a journal, especially if you start out with an easy structure! Glad you’re enjoying the projects! 🙂

  3. sheila Garrett says:

    Hi Sadelle – Thanks for sending me the link. I keep meaning to find Tangle VT on my own and just not getting to it.

    As you know, I am having fun with my little pocket sketch pad. Today I worked some more on my ‘cairn tangle’. It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a tangle, but…

    I hope all your awesome little journals will inspire me to make some, too.

    xxxxoooo, Sheila

    • Sadelle says:

      Oh Sheila! As soon as you sketch out those tangles in black and red I would be happy to share them on the blog here, with credit to you! I’m having fun watch you get ‘hooked’, so to speak. We’ll make a journal together some time soon. XXOO

  4. Tisha Strauch says:

    Hi Sadelle. I have so enjoyed your blog, your Zentangles and of course your labyrinths.

    • Sadelle says:

      Thank you so much, Tisha! It was lovely to meet you last October at the Gathering and hope to see you at another one some time! Blessings on the path…

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