December Journaling Adventures – Part II

December 2015 Book with first two pages

Watercolor splotch trees

Watercolor splotch trees with the lady of the labyrinth

I have been having fun playing along with Kiala Givehand’s Journey Within December Mini-Course and Blog Hop!  There’s nothing like some art journaling to get your creative juices flowing again (and of course, Zentangle!).   With two challenge pages under my belt, I’m hooked now, and I can’t wait to give you all AND Kiala the challenge/prompt for December 17!

Just when I thought I’d take a break for a couple of days,  Tiare Smith posted her Watercolor Splotch Challenge .  While I haven’t yet taken Tiare’s class, I thought I’d take a stab anyway, coz  I LOVE watercolor!   And it seemed a good excuse to sneak in some very subtle tangling as well, so here’s my very quickly and loosely done ‘flowery forest’.  I added in some loose bits of the Diva Dance tangle for the tree trunks and some Msst.  I still felt it needed something else.  Bring in my tiny lady of the labyrinth!


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Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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  1. Tiare says:

    Love your splotch art tree and tangle. Fun! Thanks for sharing.

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