Cultural Heritage Art Journal Prompt, Challenge & 2 Giveaways

acrylic-collage-closeupHello tangling and artsy friends…  stay with me here: I’ve packed alot into today’s post!!

I’ve been so excited to be a guest teacher in
The Journey Within: A Year of Handmade Art Journals hosted by book maker, Kiala Givehand plus me and 17 other artists. The class begins January 1st* continues thru 2016. Every month, Kiala will teach you to make a new handmade art journal – a different one each month!

*Kiala is offering a December mini-course free with signups before January……

Ready to start now?  She’ll also give you prompts, tips, and techniques for filling the pages, and the guest artists will be sharing their take on the themes and prompts with plenty of videos, as well as their art journaling process and you get to make 12 of your own books.

To get the fun times started, Kiala created a Dos a Dos book structure for December and asked each guest artist to give her a challenge to complete.

And today was my turn! Here’s what I gave Kiala to do:

Prompt-sample-1-Russian inspired bird with Zentangle embellishments. Acrylic wash background over torn Russian newspaper pieces.The Journey Within Blog Hop Art Journal Prompt:
Cultural Heritage / Language

  • Create a page inspired by a foreign language or your cultural heritage.
  • Use any combination of words, fonts & letters, poetry, newspapers, art inspiration from the language or culture as collaged bits and/or painted or stamped layers.
  • Add some Zentangle inspired art or pattern art to highlight a section or shapes.

You can see how Kiala took on my challenge over on her blog hop page HERE….

DOWNLOAD:  And here’s a  Bonus resource pdf for you to download with a bit more story and language / Zentangle resources – then scroll down to read more!

Need more inspiration?  Here are some examples from me:

                          Prompt-sample-2b Russian-inspired Journal-Around-the-World 2014 right page  Prompt-sample-2a Russian-inspired Journal-Around-the-World 2014 left page

The three pages above were created over the last couple of years and were the inspiration for my challenge prompt.   Since I have some Russian in my ancestry and studied the language in college,  it was an easy choice!  I used bits of Russian newspaper as the starter background for the bird image, added acrylic paint, the bird stamp, hand drawn tree and house embellished with Zentangle.   The other two pages made use of Russian handwriting and poetry, lots of acrylic layers and gel/metallic pens with more Zentangle patterns.  Russian word for "Mirror", layered acrylic with some Zentangle inspired gel pen work - by Sadelle Wiltshire, 2015. Created as part of The Journey Within - year of handmade art journals with Kiala Givehand

Then, I was so inspired to stretch myself a bit more for this month’s challenge, I created three new journal pages using the prompt, still sticking with Russian:  two using collage, acrylics with Zentangle gel pen work and one watercolor sketch with tangle patterns and journaling. The page to the left was inspired by one of the December Mini Course words, “Mirror”.  I played with mirrored swaddled jewel babies and mirrored colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  Here the Russian word for mirror was created in Photoshop, turned upside down for the mirror effect, printed out and then painted with acrylic and collaged in place. The other acrylic below left was created over torn Russian newspaper anticipating the new year.  Finally, my other love, playing with watercolor pencils,  a watercolor sketch inspired by a memory from travels in the USSR over 30 years ago and my love of Russian samovars and tea, with some actual real-like journaling :-).

                Happy New Year Russian themed art journal page, Sadelle Wiltshire Dec 2015                 Russian word for "Mirror", layered acrylic with some Zentangle inspired gel pen work - by Sadelle Wiltshire, 2015. Created as part of The Journey Within - year of handmade art journals with Kiala Givehand

So how about YOU? Are you ready to take the challenge?  You don’t need to know another language to play.  Maybe collage in some elements from your own heritage, or a great grandparent’s language…   or even a culture that is not your own, but one you love.  Come join us for this amazing and FUN adventure and have your most creative year yet. CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up for the class.

  Kiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration DeckKiala Givehand's Mixed Media Inspiration Deck
(So yes, I do get a small benefit directly when you register for the class from this blog or site!  Thank you for helping a starving artist – and to sweeten the deal, if you purchase the class through my links above, I will put your name into a special drawing on Jan. 5**  to win a rare deck of Kiala Givehand’s Mixed Media Inspiration cards)
Congrats to Ann-Lynn W. of Georgia for winning the Mixed Media Cards!

And if you do decide to try the challenge I gave Kiala,  I’d be delighted if you’d leave a comment with a link to your blog or to the page you completed so I can see YOUR lovely creative work!

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Bonus Giveaway - 2 quarter year slots in The Journey Within
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Congrats to Jane R. from Michigan!

I will be giving another seat for the summer quarter away in July. ***

If you would still like to share about the course, there are many ways….

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This giveaway ended on Dec 27th.

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Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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