Return from the Land of the Labyrinth

Processional labyrinth in the grass at Waycross Conference Center

Processional labyrinth in the grass at Waycross Conference Center, Morgantown, Indiana

It’s been a busy summer and fall here in southern VT.  Lots of writing was done, labyrinth walking.   Web work, planning for both Zentangle workshops and labyrinth walks, medical appts, as well as spiritual development work I’ve embarked on have kept me busy.  At some point I’ll talk about the latter, as its become very important in how I see my role in the world to bring art to people in a healing manner.  I’ve had some spiritual support from my local Friends meeting, which has been deeply helpful to me and have been discerning how else I want to bring art and the labyrinth out in wider community.

Welcome to Indianapolis

In October I flew out to Indianapolis and then drove to a rural forested area about an hour south to attend and present at the 17th Annual Gathering of The Labyrinth Society.   It was lovely to be in a space with serious labyrinth lovers.  I felt like I’d found one of my missing tribes!

I met so many fantastic people and got to hear many personal labyrinth stories. I attended some fascinating presentations,  and presented a Zentangle workshop specifically tailored for labyrinth lovers.  I was delighted when over 30 folks showed up at my session (I really didn’t know what to expect!)  and the technology gods were kind to me to boot.   A wonderful labyrinth fairy left a taped down processional labyrinth on the floor of my presentation room and I worked it into the workshop, ending with a lovely walk to view a Zentangle gallery on the labyrinth!

I also got to hang out with a few wonderful artists at the gathering on Saturday night as well as make my own personal canvas labyrinth (which my dog has kindly co-opted).  So so so many stories to tell, one little blog post just won’t do, so you’ll have to find me and ask me more.   I feel blessed!

Midnight at the Creation Station with new friends!

Midnight at the Creation Station with new friends!

Rani on the personal labyrinth

Rani on the personal labyrinth

I came home refreshed, renewed, with lots of work ahead of me as well as some wonderful discoveries.  I’m hoping to go on a pilgrimage abroad next summer if I can raise the funds, so am discerning best ways to go forward with those plans.   I love the places of the spirit this adventure has taken me on.  The labyrinth has offered me an opportunity to do deep, reflective work as well as inspired my art and teaching.   As of last week I finished my work for my Veriditas certification, my reflective paper and gathered all of the other bits and pieces needed to send in, and hooray, that’s done!    Now for the reflective work of winter…

Two handmade Finger Labyrinths sit on top of a crafted ceramic finger labyrinth Gel ink on black canvas frame, 11 circuit Chartres labyrinth by Sadelle Wiltshire 2015

What are YOU doing this winter?
Art?  Writing?  Movement?  Reflection?

I’ve finally planned an Art & Spirit  art journaling workshop for March 19,  a full day of visual journaling techniques with a focus on incorporating images and reflections from our inner voice or Spirit.

Labyrinth Art & Soul retreat with labyrinth walks, reflective journaling, labyrinth drawing and finger-labyrinth-making is in the works this coming spring,  in collaboration with my fellow Veriditas facilitator, Debbie Yaffee, also a skilled Tai Chi teacher who will help us get up and move those weary bones in between art making and reflective walking!  The dates have been set for April 22-24  Friday evening – Sunday afternoon at the Immanuel Retreat Center, 12 Church St, Bellows Falls, VT –  a short drive from Western MA, and across the river from NH.  For sign up info, see  More details will be posted soon, to be notified sign up for the mailing list.

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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