Worldwide Labyrinth Day and Tangled Labyrinth Challenge

illuminated-brain-labyrinth-c-webFunny how synchronicity works…

I’ve been on this labyrinth journey for the past couple of years, from drawing them, to walking them, to teaching,
to art journaling,  to doing a short blog interview,
to making snow labyrinths in my former and new backyard, to becoming a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator in November 2014, (with the wonderful Rev. Lauren Artress)  and this year working on leading/facilitating group walks to earn my certification.

Well, and that’s on top of the labyrinthine journey my life has taken me on too,  with personal health issues and moving to a new house and prepping to teach at a weaving conference in Michigan this June, and later this year, in October, presenting a Zentangle session at The Labyrinth Society’s Annual Gathering, this year in Indiana.
Whew!  (are you tired yet?  I am!    Obviously time to walk another labyrinth…..)

(The labyrinths above were tangled onto my Art Swarm 2014 apron using Micron pens, Molotow white acrylic marker, Inktense pencils and a water brush.)

World Wide Labyrinth Day 2015I’ve been busy this week with work and preparing to facilitate a walk locally for Worldwide Labyrinth Day this coming Saturday, May 2, where people all over the world will be “walking as ONE at 1” to spread blessings and energy for global healing and peace.   I’ve walked 3 different labyrinths since last Friday even!    And I’ve had little time for tangling with the post move preparations, but happened to catch a glimpse that The Diva had posted a tangle challenge this week on ……… Labyrinths!

Putney School labyrinthNo time to do more tangling this week, but I’ve been meaning to show some of my more recent journaled and tangled labyrinths, some of which I’ve done as I’ve been (SLOWLY) working on a project that is morphing into an Art of the Labyrinth book.   Life takes time, and I have been reminded about slowing down and enjoying the journey, with it’s meandering twists and turns, and paying attention to putting one foot in front of another.  So it goes with the book project as well.    🙂
One stroke at a time, one step at a time.

5-circuit Roman Labyrinth, acrylic paint, Sadelle Wiltshire, CZTSo go walk a labyrinth this Saturday, at 1pm or whenever, and send healing energy and blessings to the people in Nepal and Baltimore.

DIY Finger LabyrinthAnd if you’re in the southern VT area on June 14, I’ll be facilitating a Labyrinth walk and finger labyrinth making workshop in Saxton’s River.  Come join us!

(For more information on both Zentangle workshops and Labyrinth Walks I’m leading, check the websites.)

Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

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6 Responses to Worldwide Labyrinth Day and Tangled Labyrinth Challenge

  1. Sissi says:

    Oh, so many of them!!!
    I can’t even say which one I like most but I think the last two are my favorites.
    Amazing work!!!

  2. I have to admit, I hadn’t thought much about labyrinths before this challenge, but I am enthralled and so I LOVE your post. I am definitely coming back this weekend to take a closer look. There’s something so mystifying about them. Your gallery of tangled labyrinths has me inspired. Beautiful work!

    • Sadelle says:

      Thanks Cari! I’m glad you felt inspired… indeed they are mystifying as well as well as mystical!

  3. Lynell says:

    What fabulous labyrinths…I can see why this particular challenge appealed to you…and so much great information in your post. Beautiful work!

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