100 Mandalas and Moving…

I’m really delighted to be part of this month’s labyrinth mandala prompts at 100 Mandalas, thank you, Kathryn, for inviting me to participate! I’ve also signed up to go to what promises to be a lovely retreat and mandala workshop that Kathryn is teaching at in NH at the end of this month…

It’s been a long winter, trying to get ready for moving house locally,  plus lots of trips to Boston for appointments and way WAY too much snow and cold here in New England.  The snowy season I encountered at the labyrinth facilitator training in Cleveland in November was a bit of a preview of the winter we were to get here in the east!

It was probably December 2014 when I first came across Kathryn Costa’s 100 Mandalas blog series and online mandala prompts.   I love mandalas, and have been really enjoying following her blog posts and all of the lovely mandalas others following along have been producing.  I wish I had the time to actually make more of them, but occasionally they sneak out with all my busyness.   I was really pleased when in January, Kathryn and Megan, her 100 Mandalas cohort, decided to followLove this?  RePin it! along with Suzanne Fincher’s The Mandala Workbook, which I just so happened to have sitting on my shelf, waiting to be cracked open!

I had been concentrating my mandala work mostly on finishing up my Tangled Labyrinth journal as part of a book project I’ve been working on,  plus prepping for a Zentangle and Gelli Print workshop I hosted in January with Daniela Mellen,  and so those have primarily been the mandalas I’ve created this winter.     I’m posting here a smattering of my recent pieces.







I’m looking forward to being finished with this move and I will do a series of labyrinth posts here, starting with reflections on my time in Cleveland at Trinity Cathedral with the labyrinth training. And I especially look forward to hosting a number of labyrinth walks and visual journaling workshops here in New England once spring arrives!

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