More Tangling on Monotype Prints with the Gelli Plate

Gelli Plate®I’ve gotta say that making prints with a my Gelli plate is really getting addicting.  Good thing I have other work to do or else I’d spend all day playing with colors and getting paint on the cats!

It’s easy, you don’t need any painting skills…heck you don’t even need any color skills… it’s like finger painting all over again, except for adults (well.. and kids too!).   Plus you end up with amazingly beautiful papers you can put to use in so so many ways…

I have the 6×6″ Gelli plate,  which is small enough to use anywhere, yet can be used creatively to make larger prints too.    And I still love to use recycled papers and old book pages to print on, as a I mentioned in a previous post.   There’s something about the feel of copy paper laden with acrylic paints that I love… plus printing over old printouts or book text leaves its own surprises.

Tangled and embellished found poetry on gelating printed page

Gelli Print Tangled Found Poetry

I decided to try my hand at some “found poetry” that seems to be going the rounds.   The theme of the book asked me to add a horse image, and I used Zentangle designs to finish off the page.  Now, I don’t claim that the poetry is any good (it’s just deliciously BAD)… but it sure was fun to let it come out, as well as a few oopsies that lead me into a fun result!   I really loved playing with the dark and light here….

I like creating Zentangle inspired art on darker toned papers, and especially painted journal pages and I allow myself to be surprised by the results, especially when tangling over light and dark areas.  Sometimes they don’t need much shading,  and sometimes, just a touch of graphite and white pen and charcoal white pencil makes it pop even more.     I love looking for the “strings” or suggested spaces to add tangles to.. it’s almost like going on a treasure hunt!    In the next piece,  I just kept seeing columns in the way the stamp I’d used in the print left light and dark vertical areas….   so,  tangled columns it was!

Zentangle embellished columns on a Gelli Print by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

Zentangle embellished columns on a Gelli Print

I am excited to be teaching a Gelli Jewelry workshop as part of the the upcoming Art Swarm in Warner, NH,  Nov 7-10…   and have been enjoying the friendly collaboration between the 6 teachers as we prepare for this event…….so……

Daniela Mellen, who has been teaching Gelli Plate Printing at The Beehive in Warner, and I are going to collaborate on TWO separate full-day workshops coming this December and January!

On December 13 we’ll be offering a Gelli Prints and Ornaments/Beads workshop at The Beehive in Warner, NH

Gelatin Print Head Ornament Pendant, by Sadelle Wiltshire

Back side of Gelli Printed Ornament/Pendant

And on
January 17th Daniela will come to Putney, VT where we will do a Gelli Prints and Zentangle workshop.  Complete with warm wonderful Chili (2 kinds!), cocoa and chocolate!!

Daniela will get you started or continuing with your printing play,  and then I’ll get you ready to start making marks on those prints in fun and inspired ways!  Details coming soon!


Registration open for both
workshops NOW!  Seats are limited!

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