Zentangle, Old Books and Gelatin Prints, oh my!

Gelli Plate®I’ve been a little obsessed lately playing with a “Gelli Plate®” that bought a couple of months ago at a workshop in NH.   I have been LOVING playing with monotype printing, and the Gelli Plate is a permanent gelatin plate that won’t spoil or go bad.   They are all the rage, it seems, right now, and I find the act of spreading on paints with my brayer, adding textured stamps, stencils, marks to the plate, and taking multiple prints really speaks to the messy art child in me!

I’ve also been spending alot of time finding old discarded books at the swap shop by the dump, and other sources, and beginning to use them in my art journaling, as well as for found poetry.  For me, these old book pages are just perfect to experiment printing onto. Well of course, it didn’t take me long to look at a print recently, and realize..  hey… that would be GREAT to tangle on!

I’m constantly looking at my watercolor or acrylic painted journal pages and finding the ‘strings’ in the color changes, for tangle possibilities.   Below was my first tangled gelatin plate print…   with just enough darkness to also play with white gel pen highlights.

Tangled gelatin plate printed book page, by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT

Tangled gelatin plate printed book page


Of course I had to also try using some of my gelatin print scraps on my paper jewelry…   below, a lightly tangled watercolor paper pin with a gelatin print scrap as backing:

Art Swarm at The Beehive, Nov 7-14th, 2014

I’ll be teaching a “Gelli Jewelry” workshop at the Beehive in Warner, NH this coming November 9th, 2014…  as part of a very exciting 4 day “Art Swarm” !

There are a gazillion videos and tutorials on the web that you can find for both printing with a Gelli Plate and gelatin plates to make monotype prints…     I try and gather interesting printing links on this Pinterest board of mine:

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  1. Win Dinn says:

    Love the ‘tangled Gelli print’…it’s stunning!

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