Squares and Frames and Tiles, oh my!

It’s funny how the simplest of Zentangle string ideas can help nudge out that extra zap of creative spark that’s been lurking dormant.    So it was this week, when I first looked at the the diva’s challenge, “Hip to be Square”.    At first I wasn’t sure I’d do it…  given that I tend to skip what seems to be a ‘simple’ string or pattern even.    And then I reminded myself that the best personal challenges for me seem to be specifically those extra simple ideas.   (note to self:  time to do a ‘Knightsbridge’ challenge soon!)

I created a very simple black tile earlier in the week using the squares as string,  but added sparkle by using a combination of metallic gel pens, moonlight gel pens, stardust pens and white pencil for highlights.   This was one of those ‘quickie’ jobs,  but I LOVE LOVE LOVE  metallic on black!

Metallic and Color on Black

Metallic and Color on Black

Later in the week, when I could give myself more time,  I let the ‘square’ idea settle in my subconscious, and out came this crazy cacophony of squares,  interlocked frames, peppered with the tangles Verdigogh, Fengle and Mooka,  among others.    Here I’m using one of the silk sari covered imported journals I offer to students,  this particular journal’s pages are all a saffron yellow color.   Looking at the finished tangles,  I felt that pencil shading this would be too dull,  and opted for more color.  I took out my distress markers and Tombow markers,  plus the Stardust pen again.   I think I’m hooked at throwing some extra sparkly bits in now!

Dancing with Frames, a colored ZIA by Sadelle Wiltshire

‘Dancing with Frames’ ZIA

Thinking about offering a Tangled Garden and Tangling in Color class in May and June… contact us for more info, as we haven’t set our dates yet.

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2 Responses to Squares and Frames and Tiles, oh my!

  1. Sue Jacobs says:

    Love them! I haven’t played with my moonlight pens for a while. Thanks for the

  2. Vickie Lampron says:

    I need help with color and “mixing up” my tangles. Let me know when you do this class! Love love love the colors!

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