Meeting the Diva Challenge #109

Ann's tile

Ann’s tile

This is my (Ann’s) results for meeting the Diva’s Challenge this week. I did not even attempt parallel straight lines, as I love playing with curves. With so many possibilities, I know I will be playing with this more. My extra challenge was using W2 here and pushing the perception of depth.

Sadelle's first take o the Diva Challenge # 109

Sadelle’s first take on the Diva Challenge # 109

I love Sadelle’s tile where she uses Geneviève Crabe’s tangle Vache and it’s variations. It looks like I could just run my fingers across the parallel lines and feel the bumps. Engaging with this week’s challenge is a great opportunity to show the playfulness and magic of shading. The shading techniques used in both of these tiles transform and inform these images. Part of the fun for me is to discover how a bit of shading shifts one’s perception.

Addition from Sadelle:  “I love the play with 3D effect using this technique (not sure it actually has a name?)…    Anyway, I couldn’t leave it alone and used it in one of my ZIA journals today.  I kept thinking how the columns would be fun in a Fan shape..   this is what I ended up with..”

Fan ZIA (Sadelle)

Fan ZIA (Sadelle)

Note: Apologies about the fuzziness in parts of the photos.. one of the downsides of this camera phone is that I find it hard to get clear photo across the entire width of a tile. (sw)

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7 Responses to Meeting the Diva Challenge #109

  1. ledenzer says:

    I love, love, love, them both! Straight lines are over rated and I see beauty everywhere I look!

  2. Mannimal says:

    Wow. Great work. I love the detail in both of your works!

  3. Annemarie says:

    Wow, both tiles are amazing.

  4. I love your tiles, and your ability to create depth within them is so great.

  5. Sue says:

    I love the dimension on this! It is beautiful work!

  6. Sadelle and Ann, these are all so beautiful!! Love the dimension and the shading!

  7. ledenzer says:

    All three are so outstanding! Wonderful answer to the challenge!

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