‘Ah – Nyx’ – A rug, a greyhound and a new tangle

Visiting Ann’s family in eastern MA, I took this photo of our greyhound, Onyx, laying on the living room rug. The pattern on the rug framed her really well, even though she’s giving me that ‘I want to go home and sleep on my couch now’ look.


Back home, I was inspired to play with this pattern and created a simple step out for it. Using a rounded point zig-zag to start, and creating spirals to the right side of the peaks on one side, then flip over and draw spirals off the peaks on the opposite side. And then play with it… Stack more zig-zags and repeat for a simple fill, or add auras around the outsides of each row, or play with fills. Lots of opportunities for shading too. Of course, I had to use my grey girl’s name in some form when choosing the name
so I present to you: “Ah – Nyx”

Ah-Nyx tangleAh-Nyx sampled

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7 Responses to ‘Ah – Nyx’ – A rug, a greyhound and a new tangle

  1. What a great tangle! thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelley Kelly says:

    Beautiful! Both Ah-Nyx and Onyx 😉 )

  3. Kathy says:

    Greyhounds are wonderful inspirations. Onyx and Ah-Nyx.

  4. Shirley Coale says:

    I love it. It works for a border, or filling in, or, or…. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sadelle says:

      Thanks, Shirley! So glad you like it! It makes me smile to look at that photo, 4 years later and remember our beautiful girl.

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