Zendala Dare “Don’t” (or was that really a “Do”?)

The past week’s Zendala Dare over at fellow CZT #7 Erin Koetz Olson’s The Bright Owl blog turned out to be an interesting challenge for me to do.   Erin called it a “Zen-don’t” and issued a challenge for us to tangle our mandala templates by NOT following our usual instincts  – ie if you’re in the habit to draw a certain way, don’t…   do the opposite or something different.


This mandala is what resulted, with a few twists.   Maybe I was in a positive mood, but if felt like more of a Zendala “DO” for me..

I usually don’t use much large black or filled in spaces…  this time I DID.
I usually don’t even do the Zendala Dare challenges…  this time I DID.
I usually don’t mix the Zendala Dare with the Diva Challenges… this time I DID.
I usually don’t use the tangle ‘Fengle’ (the outer bits that look like pinwheels) in a Mandala… this time I DID.
I don’t often use the tangle ‘Mirasu’ (the middle spiral)… this time I DID.

Anyway,  you get the point.   Whether a Don’t or a Do…  it is fun to challenge yourself to work differently, no matter what your art.   Thanks for the prod, Erin!    And tanglers, if you haven’t tried one of her wonderful Mandala templates… check them out!

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3 Responses to Zendala Dare “Don’t” (or was that really a “Do”?)

  1. Annemarie says:

    You did very well! I love the ‘border’.

  2. Donald W says:

    Nice zendala. Like your use of phicops in the border. The black area gives the piece a nice layered look.

  3. Karen Lynn says:

    Great list of don’ts. Your zendala is wonderful. The black gives it sophistication, and all the sea-related tangles give it a very cool look!

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