Tangled Ornaments & some Diva Dancing

Last night Ann and I taught a lively Tangled Ornaments class at Main Street Arts in Saxton’s River.   It was especially exciting as we had some new tangles to show our students..  in particular the new “Diva Dance” tangles that were unveiled this week, on the Diva’s website.   These are tangles that so simple to execute, and yet so gratifying…. so many directions you can take them!

In advance of the class,  I tangled an octahedron form on cardstock and incorporated a few of the new Diva Dance tangles,  to add to our collection of samples to show …   with ‘Waltz’ and ‘Foxtrot’ on left and ‘Rock n’ Roll’ on the bottom of the image on the right.

Octahedron ornament, with Diva Dance tangles Octahedron ornament, with Diva Dance tangles

I love working with geometric paper forms, and those were what we played with in class last night.  The students were given a couple of pre-cut, pre-scored tetrahedron cardstock templates, in ivory and black, along with other templates to take home, cut and tangle.

Here were some of the almost finished ornaments our students created last night… (the photo quality made the two ornaments at top a bit too dark,  they were closer to the color of the flat tetrahedron).     I definitely noticed how the Diva Dance tangles really helped get folks into that wonderful focused quiet space that is what the Zentangle method is all about…   and they did a fab job, didn’t they?!

Tangled Tetrahedron ornaments

We didn’t quite have enough time to start on the black tetrahedrons in class,  but I’ll post some examples of black ornaments with White Gelly Roll  and Moonlight Gelly Roll pens soon.   I just finished one black ornament with white tangles in a diamond gem geometric shape.  So much fun!

If you’re looking for some paper forms to tangle, consider following my Ornament board over on Pinterest, where I’ve bookmarked a bunch of forms that are certainly tangle-worthy!   And if you’ve tangled an ornament, share links to your pictures in the comments!

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4 Responses to Tangled Ornaments & some Diva Dancing

  1. Didisch says:

    Wow This looks great, you don’t create depth by shading, but also by making a 3D ornament. Makes the tangle even pop-up more. Beatiful. 🙂

  2. ledenzer says:

    An octahedron with tangled beauty….wow, hey are wonderful!

  3. alice says:

    i need to learn how to do this – these are wonderful, sadelle!

  4. Annemarie says:

    Beautiful!!! I love the 3D.

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