A glorious tangle-filled getaway with fellow CZTs…

Black Swan

Black Swan at the Black Swan Inn

Last weekend I had a chance to run away and play with a lovely group of CZTs at the 2nd Annual CZT Retreat, organized by Bette Abdu, and with workshops by Bette, Sandy Steen Bartholomew and MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson. The event was hosted this year at the Black Swan Inn, in Tilton, NH, a glorious old Victorian inn, where we pampered by owner Sheryl Ollie, her assistant Britany, caterer Paris, and resident kitty, Pumpkin.

There were about 9 of us who gathered to play, tangle and make art,  and a lovely vibe amongst us all, and with our surroundings.    Many wonderful memories to bring home…

A productive table, a divine clutter

Our workspace for the weekend… which filled up quite quickly!

Bette tangling on die-cut "Zentangle"

Bette tangling on die-cut “Zentangle”

Bette had many wonderful surprises in store for us, including two collaborative Zentangle inspired projects, and oodles of giveaways, including two collaborative tangled pieces we all worked on. She worked so hard to make this weekend perfect in so many ways!



MaryAnn S-D shared some origami wizardry with us on Friday night, including how to make a fun little origami box (the most challenging of the projects yet the most fascinating)

MaryAnn creating ATCs for us

MaryAnn creating her ATCs

origami box

Origami box, yet to be tangled






Sandy Steen Bartholomew had us running around the inn like mad women finding wonderful Victorian textures on the walls, doors and more to take impressions of, using the foam block printing technique she taught us:

magic foam impression prints

Magic foam impression prints

texture impression - Lincrusta design from wall

texture impression - bottom of shoe print



foam etched plates and prints

We also learned to etch foam designs for some lovely printing effects….  (above)

Some of our prints were used to frame the collaborative ZIA we all tangled, which Bette then had copies made of for everyone, and one lucky CZT got to take home the framed original!

Collaborative ZIA with texture print border

Lots of talent in the room….   here’s Patricia from CZT #8 with her prints and some of her glorious Day of the Dead ZIAs:

     pats-day-of-dead-zias       pat-and-prints

Some of the ATCs (gifts by CZTs) and prints I brought home..

prints from the CZT retreat

a collection of ATCs I received along with some of my prints..

I even came home with a few lovely giveaways, including Geneviève Crabe’s Mandala Stencil sheets…   something I’ve been keenly interested in trying..  Thank you, Geneviève (and to all the other vendors who donated items for the giveaways..!!)

Mandala Stencils

And speaking of giveaways..  that lovely die cut wooden Zentangle word that Bette is tangling near the top of this post…  I won that too!  Lucky me!

On Saturday morning, Patricia and I took a walk thru Tilton, and found some delightful pre-Halloween honest to goodness spider webs by a pavillion along the river, coated with the morning’s foggy dew…

Spider Web

patterns everywhere

and there were patterns  everywhere!

me at colorful doorway

And other interesting architectural treats too
(that’s non-colorful me,  by a colorful doorway in town)…

Pumpkin, one of the resident cats, who has a purr louder than a motor, graced us with his presence often.  He gave us quite the scare on Saturday,  (see Sandy B’s post) when a dog scared him up a tree and needed rescue help.  A 30 pound cat on a delicate branch is not a sight you want to see!

Sheryl, the delightful owner of the Black Swan Inn

Sheryl, the delightful owner of the Black Swan Inn, regaled us with stories of the inn’s past, its former owners, showed us a secret panel in the inn, and told us of possible resident ghosts. In fact, there were a few ghost oriented events coming up at the inn.  To the left, is Sheryl, decked out for a local gala.

ghost event sign decadent cheesecake


The food at the inn was amazingly good… the breakfasts that Sheryl and her assistant Britany prepared,  as well as the lunches and dinners   made by Paris, a local caterer / pastry chef.   Saturday night’s dessert blew us away, a raspberry cheesecake with white chocolate ganache frosting, topped with coconut!

All in all, it was a such a wonderful weekend… I didn’t want to go home!  To get to run away and play for 4 days with fellow CZTs was balm for my artist’s soul.

Rangoli inspired knotwork ZIA

A Rangoli inspired knotwork ZIA I was working on during the weekend..

Btw, for those of you who still need a wonderful Zentangle play weekend..  (open to anyone)  there are a couple of slots left in Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s upcoming Untangled Holiday edition Weekend in Ogunquit, ME …   go there now and register!   Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself!


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2 Responses to A glorious tangle-filled getaway with fellow CZTs…

  1. Genevieve says:

    Sadelle, thanks for sharing the photos, and congratulations on winning my stencils!

  2. MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson says:

    Sadelle…. IT was great to see you again and spend some quality, creative time together! I’m laughing because we all took photos of that cake but that was even before we tasted it!!!! I still have dreams about it!!!! What a wonderful, fun, inspiring weekend it was too. The Zentangle community is just a great conglomeration of sharing, caring people and I believe that spirit trickles down from the top – Maria & Rick! All the CZTs I know are unique, yet share that common spirit. Hope to see you in January….. have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season! MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson, CZT #1

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