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Last week I showed some examples of the tangle pattern ‘Fengle’ in a book form I had worked on a couple months ago. I had actually done the center section of the book with Fengle first, and then felt I needed an element that would tie ALL the pages together.

xypbook-standing3 xypbook-standing1 xypbook-standing2

I drew a simple pencil line that meandered up one page and down the next, and then chose the tangle pattern ‘XYP as the unifying element that was drawn over the meandering line. I then challenged myself to draw it differently on each page, yet if you open the book and lay it flat, it’s still recognizable as the same pattern that unites the book.

xyp-book1 xyp-book2-3 xyp-book4-5 xyp-book6

I share this as an encouragement to new and old tanglers alike.. when you get stuck in a rut with one pattern, challenge yourself to find a game or way to make as many variations as you can of it. It actually becomes a great meditative activity in itself.. another variation of a monotangle. I’d love to see what some of you come up with!

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