‘Fengle’ play

This week’s Zentangle challenge over at the iamthedivaczt blog was all about the newly released to the public tangle,  “Fengle“.   As a CZT, I’d had a chance to play with this pattern for a couple of months ahead,  but I really appreciate those Monday morning challenges.. it really helps me center down and face the beginning of my work week in a creative way.

Here’s today’s tile, with ‘Fengle’ and a few other tangles:

fengle challenge

Fengle challenge

This is one of those tangles that requires a bit of focus and concentration, but it’s still pretty easy to learn. The fun part is all the different ways you can play with this pattern. You can make your S shapes more curvy or more shallow, short or long.. the ‘petal’ parts transparent, semi transparent or opaque, and add other tangles to parts of it, or have it ‘grow’ upon itself. Below is a bit of tangle play that I incorporated into part of a book making series I’ve been working on.. these two pages were the center piece of a book structure called a ‘shorts book’ (more on this in the next post).  The two images below are actually attached to each other vertically, so that the top of page 1 continues down on the other side at the fold:

Book Center w Fengle 1 Book Center w Fengle 2

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8 Responses to ‘Fengle’ play

  1. ledenzer says:

    It is really fun looking at the way you use fengle. I love how it cascades down in 2 and 3. The top one sort of reminds me of a desert garden! Well done!

  2. Sue Sharp says:

    Love your Fengle variations!

  3. It looks like a tool in a drawing programma but is fo course not! When you go with your brush en a lot of fengles drop down!
    Very nice! Very in dutch says speels, i dont now the english word playfull?
    Thank you for the inspiration i have to wait ……

  4. Great, your Fengles are fascinating Sadelle!

  5. Sue Butler says:

    Brilliant adaptations of Fengle. I love the border idea. Fantastic

  6. Simply beautiful tangling!!!

  7. Tricia says:

    Your Fengles just glide towards one another so smoothly. Love the way you make them dance with the background tangles.

  8. Sadelle says:

    Thanks so much! I just love this tangle, and there’s so much you can do with it. One of those magic ‘S’ patterns!

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