Left hand tangling..

The tangle challenge over at the iamthedivaczt blog  this week was a repeat of one of my favorites so far,  and one I believe all students should at least see..   to tangle with your non-dominant hand.  When I did this challenge last year, it was in a simple sketchbook I had, and I loved the results.    I’ve used the image to show nervous beginning students that,  REALLY, you don’t have to be able to draw straight lines to create a beautiful image.

So of course I had to do another one, with this week’s challenge.  This time I did it on a regular sized Zentangle tile, and did it in bits, over the course of the day.  It’s truly a lesson in intentional deliberate drawing, when you concentrate on making one mark at a time with a shaky hand.  Yes, turning the tile helps, once you figure out which direction is best to draw your lines from.  The same goes for shading.    Here’s my newest left handed drawing:

challenge56 non-dominant hand

Non-dominant hand - Challenge #56 - click for larger view of image

One unexpected lesson I learned from this today..  do not attempt to do a non-dominant hand challenge 15 minutes before you have a phone conference for work..    you really need to make the time and space for this one to relax!

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5 Responses to Left hand tangling..

  1. ledenzer says:

    So frilly, I love that the non dom hand makes it even more feminine than a non shaky line would have done!

  2. Duchy Girl says:

    Beautiful and unique work you did with non-domination hand, wow! Thank you for sharing your tips.

  3. Love that tangle Sannibelle…well done!

  4. Carol says:

    I tried left hand tangling when my right hand was hurting. I was surprised how enjoyable it actually was, event though the results are not pleasing. (I did it quickly)

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