My first ‘tangle’ let loose in the wilds..

As I’ve had a chance to delve further into the art of Zentangle® these past few months, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of ‘tangles’ or ‘tangle patterns’, created by others, including Sandra Strait’s daily blogging of the very latest tangles as well as a great resource that keeps growing over at And like most folks that start tangling.. I began seeing inspirations for patterns everywhere and started to come up with a few of my own inspired tangles.

I think the inspiration for this very simple tangle came from looking at stick figure comics, believe it or not.. It starts simply with two crossed lines, perpendicular to each other, then add circles to each end (the stick figure head), two dots for eyes, antennae, and then what the Zentangle® folks call “auras” or outlines around the shape.. most of the time for this I use two of them. Placement? You can fill an entire area with these or use wide open spaces in between, or lay them out in a row, or overlap them here and there…

So I introduce, my first tangle let loose in the wild… “4-Headed Martians“. After you do a few of these they actually begin to look quite regal and elegant from a distance, yet were totally inspired by whimsy.

Have fun, and if you use the tangle, post a link in the comments to your artwork so I can see what you’ve done with it!

4-Headed Martians

Below I played a bit with the new ‘Oof’ tangle from Rick & Maria, as well as the ‘martians’ – ala this week’s challenge over at :


Playing with martians and Zentangle®

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2 Responses to My first ‘tangle’ let loose in the wilds..

  1. What a fun tangle! I wish I could blog it, but blogger has been down since yesterday. I’m going to tweet it, and announce it on Facebook though.

  2. Sadia says:

    Thanks, Sandra.. sorry blogger is down.. (it’s been a day like that for a couple clients too.. ). If you make anything with the tangle, post a link here! And I LOVE your blog and all the great work you do!

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