Zentangle®, a new obsession

It's time to do some housekeeping on this long-neglected blog, so I thought I'd start with a fresh theme (still to be tweaked),  and talk about what I've been doing to keep my artistic side going lately.

Tile created using patterns that begin with the letters in my first name

A few months ago we were kindly hosted by a new friend in the Worcester, MA area.  The Sunday morning of our stay, she showed us some artwork she'd created, using a method called "Zentangle®", and a book she'd bought,  Totally Tangled, by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.    Coming home, I checked out the Zentangle website, and ordered the book,  and after Christmas, ordered the kit from Zentangle. In a nutshell, it's a wonderful way to get back into drawing, sketching,  but as a meditative practice that allows you to create art "one stroke at a time".  The idea is you're starting with a small, confined space, into which you divide up into sections (by drawing a 'string' or simple shape/s) and then fill each section with repetitive patterns, stroke by stroke.  The Zentangle® kit comes with an instruction book and some lovely, high quality Italian paper 'tiles', a small dvd, some pattern ideas, and a couple of Micron Sakura pens, a pencil and sharpener. I've quickly been practicing using both the kit and the Sandy Bartholemew's book (we tried to arrange a house party workshop with her, but the timing didn't work out this winter.. I still hope to take a small workshop with her soon), and have since discovered a world of Zentangle® online, via the wonderful www.tanglepatterns.com and the myriad of folks blogging and practicing this creative outlet. I'll be posting a few more of these as I create them, and while I'm still looking forward to taking a workshop from Sandy in New Hampshire,   I've also signed up to take the Zentangle® CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) Seminar in October of this year.   I really like the approach to using this art technique with meditation, and perhaps teaching therapists and social workers to add this artform to their arsenal.
The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Learn more at zentangle.com.
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